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Hi guys,my question is about a container shipping inventory to Cyprus.  I was wondering how accurate it needs to be, for example, do you list how many plates, spoons, frying pans, or you just mention cutlery, crockery , kitchen utensils?the other thing is about import duties, I understand that if you are moving out there permanently, you don’t have to pay, you only pay for the container and port clearance. Some shipping container companies don’t arrange a clearance agent at the port, which means you need to find one yourself, do you know of anyone or one you might have used?And is there any paperwork to be done beforehand, document needed, etc,?also thinking about including some appliances on the container, do you think it’s a good idea? As we all know how difficult it is to get hold of some decent stuff over in Cyprus. And are there any limitations as to how many you are entitled to ship for you own household, so can you take 2 TVs for example, or 2 cookers, etc,hope those guys who had a bit of experience can answer this, and any other tips would be greatly appreciated.thanks


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