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Hi there does anyone know of either a Spiritualist Church or Healer anywhere in the whole of Cyprus please. thanks jennorm


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I moved over here 3 months ago to Paphos. I am a spiritual healer and I too have looked for a spiritual group or church, but to date have had no joy. There is a useful website http://www.cyprusspirit.com/ . This gives details of reiki masters, tarot readers etc over the island. I don't know where you're based but if in my area I would like to meet up as there doesn't seem to be many of us around here.


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There are no spiritualist churches in Cyprus as far as I know.
I have lived in Paphos for 4 years and have not found anything.
I had a home circle for a while but it dissolved when members returned to the UK.

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hi ,

what are you actually looking for ?

are you looking to work in this field or do you require assurance from others or are you indecisive in which direction you take whatever is your decision, i look forward to hearing from you

regards Dot

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Thanks you breaker and veronicka for your constructive replies I have e mailed you both privatly j


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Hello, I am interested in connecting with other spiritualist in Cyprus. I don't mind driving anywhere in Cyprus so long as there is good parking nearby. Please connect. Regards Elizabeth

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This is a very good and interesting subject. I was brought up in the spiritulist church. My mother was a medium and travelled all over the country (UK) doing church meetings/readings. I also have the gift.


So can we keep this in OPEN DEBATE and not by private messages?

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Hi, I am glad to have found this thread and I agree having it open is a good idea. Personally myself I have been a Medium healer working through various spiritualist churches and centres in Britain, USA and Canada for over 35 years. I have been ordained three times and am a Christian Spiritualist minister of the non-denominational following. Meaning we do not make people leave other beliefs we just accept them at ours even though they continue to serve the churches they have gone to all their life. We offer sharing not dictating and we do this with unconditional love. I have been researching lately what it would take to be able to have a spiritual centre or church in Cyprus? I am also a fairly well known Paranormal Investigator with hundreds of dehauntings and other paranormal activity investigations under my belt.

I am semi retired now but my passion to helping lost souls is still strong.

Interested to hear what your experiences have been, and your interests please?

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Hi everyone, hope you are well.  If there is no spiritualist churches it would be a good idea to build one and meet up. It can be quite lonely not belonging to the right church

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Hello everyone. Is this discussion still alive? Looking to connect with someone practising mediumship. I am in limassol

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 Hello i would be interested too if such a meeting was organised ,i live in paphos , Maybe we could meet up at each others houses on a weekly bases ,just an idea !

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