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can anyone tell me of a good travel insurance Co that will cover a expat 84 year old with no existing medical condition traveling to Australia and will visit Dubai Bangkok and Singapore we are finding it very dificult easy if you start and finish in UK and are UK resedent

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luvcyprus 1420319795

Have you tried Staysure?

bellringer-660093 1420361351

I have used staysure and had to claim and found them to be excellent. They do expat travel policies up to the age of 86 here is a link


Graham S 1420361763

Another vote for Staysure - excellent service at a sensible price. We always use them.

curion 1420363456

dhou201, i agree with other replies. we have been using staysure for many years. helpful reasonable quotes. when you are on staysure website go to section expats. very simple process. enjoy your holiday. we are off to china in march.

dhou201 1420395880

Hi thanks for all your replies we tried stay sure today and also called them they quote

for the basic £428.78 and for the full comp £546.83  it seems very steep  for 35 days

Graham S 1420402976

That does seem expensive; last year we paid only £184 for a year! Mind you, we're both still under 70, and I've no idea how their age loading works (yet!)



dhou201 1421516206

Hi all

we got insurance at last it cost E253 for comprehensive cover

from globelink international

thanks all

Tooky-Tooker-987548 1616411157

Good afternoon! I think that with such questions you should contact special insurance companies, and not on forums. Perhaps this website could help you if you were Russian or would like to get Russian citizenship, but otherwise I don't think it will help you. Anyway, I wish you good luck, my friend!

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