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I am starting up my own small business near Larnaca and I am looking to set up a basic website to complement my advertising. All I need is a simple homepage, a few pictures of my business and contact details. Nothing complicated or expensive, just simple and effective. Ideally I would like the ability to maintain the website ideally though not essential. Also domain registration & hosting. My problem is that the companies who offer web services are either aimed at corporate businesses and are therefore, expensive.....or simply don't reply to my emails/calls. I have spent hours online and seem to be getting nowhere!?!?! Is there anyone who would recommend a company offering web solutions which you have found to be helpful and relatively inexpensive for similar requirements? Any help from anyone would be grately appreciated! Justin


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Hi Justin,

I've used a company in the UK called 'hostme'

You can register domain names (.com etc and many others. Plus choose the hosting you need. From what you wrote you could be up and running for very little cost.

Don't be railroaded into all singing all dancing features you are unlikely to need.


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Try cyprus web designs they do hosting, design, maintenance and are local

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I know just what you want - because I was in the same position - this is the web building page for a novice, you can purchase your own domain name, build your own professional looking website & maintain it using their tuition and publish it for ( US ) $95.00 -


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hello justy,

my last post was deleted for mentioning a recommendation to you, why, i dont know as there is another 3 on recommendations that was above my post.

if you like, get back to me and i can give you some more info if you so wish


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Many thanks for all the replies!


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Godaddy UK is one of the best web hosting company.

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