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hi we are looking to get married this year and was wondering if anybody had any tips on places where to go i.e for invitations, a cake, flower shops etc, as we all know costs can get out of hand! Any information would be grateful Thanks

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christina21 1325456476

Hi getting married here can be very expensive we got married here 3 months ago.

We selected some great card and printed our own invites & added ribbon n jewels looked fantastic saved a fortune

Great deal on a photographer Pink Panther ask for George n quote my wedding Oct 2nd he will give you the package you need

Flowers Joannas Gardens really great girl & the flowers were fresh perfect & reasonable

Can even get you a car n English chauffeur registered great guy

Venue ? Let me know

Dont be shy on asking for the best price on things

Hope this helps you

Graham S 1325494164

Whereabouts are you? I can recommend a really good florist (independent, not a flower-shop) who will give you personal service at very reasonable cost, depending on where she'd need to travel to.

esan10 1325504304

for wedding dress try Rene bridal
best prices and designs of Demetrios
the shop is on Riga fereou Limassol next to st.nicolas roundabout

Gossipgirl-677470 1325532652

agreeing with christina pink panther is great george, and photo phonix andor sgreat to, and joanna for sure for flowers, she is very creative although her shop seems a bit of a mish mash dont let this fool you her talent is great, bridal dresses there is a lady called kate who will make form scratch any dress you find at half the price of shops here

hope this helps

ceri-714492 1325536156

Hi thanks for all the information, does anyone have the no. for the flower shop and the dj? thanks

KittyKat-705413 1333715497

Hi where are you getting married? Paphos?

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