why wont greek girls go out with english man?

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hi all, i am writing this for a friend of mine who confided in me.there is a greek girl who works opposite from where he lives, she used to come near him shyly, and wait for him to come down in lift.he knows she was a but shy, but found it hard to communicate.he tells me he has fallen for her, and even though he has written a love letter to her, asked her out three times, she still wont go out with him.greek girls tell me that his biggest problem is he is english, is this true, that even though both parties wont to be together, that there is no trust as he is a english man?this is crazy and wrong,dont know how he is goiun g to cope he is falling to pieces,sharon

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poem09 1333614418

I am sorry to hear this, I think times have changed, it is not as hard as it used to be.

I for one did have a problem in the beginning when I started dating my husband who is a Greek Cypriot, his family were very much against me as I am from the UK and my mother is Irish and my dad is Cypriot. but they love me now. I think he should keep trying to approach her and have patience. I am sure it will work out in the end.

Good Luck!

jackiemou@live.com 1333617208

tell him to ask her family for their permission to take her out for a drink

trojenh 1333624943

Cyprus is on the edge of the middle east and before joining the EU were more aligned to the middle eastern culture, coffee shops, lazy afternoons, men out socialising and the wife's at home looking after the house, young lads were (are) encouraged to do what they want while the daughters are controlled and steered into life's decisions.

Just glance across the Mediterranean to the middle east and you will see a reflection here in Cyprus, its a cultural thing, slowly slowly its changing, the sons are taking more foreign brides than ever and this trend will slowly get through to the daughters.

kostis-676566 1333769225

check it out cause a woman is not looking only for qualty but needs also quantity so perhaps ur frient has been frighten her by getting all time her shade and watching her movements ,tell him to move area cause as i thing somebody from her close family would clear for her ,.....miserable man ....theres so many women to aproach not my neighboors ,thats what we say seek brains ,hope that "sharon 51" is not u! the other this is that ur friend cannot approach even a woman they talk the same lanquage ,image now ,so tell him to stay and watch and be carefull cause this what his believing sounds sickness and could became worst by time .....

Ophelia-669484 1333914501

True love conquers all! The fact he is English shouldn't matter.

cypssk 1334948587

hi well my mum a greek cypriot an my dads english my mum sister married a english man also my mum 79 years old

moscam-685609 1335014314

it could be a cultural thing or it could be he has completely misread the signals
one way of finding out is to simply move on, if shes interested shell let him know, as for love letters thats rubish in this day and age , shes probably having a good giggle over it with her mates

hi all 1335692138

you know people,for this problem i can see only one reason.she dont like the man,is simple,if she did like him even her parents dont want him she could find a way to ascape from them to see him:),so be realistic pls.i know that:to be or not to be.go out or not,have sex or not,very simple.

thepartyman 1361906046

I am Cypriot and i must say that some cypriot girls are very shy and strange as to what they want.

They are afraid of what their parents might say. Some parents are against foreign marriage but not all of them. Even i sometimes don't understand Cypriot women and i am Cypriot lol. Just keep the faith.

PS: For an english guy to marry a Cypriot woman it is not a huge task but Cypriot women need a lot of besiege and it's trial and error. You never know...

Sheba-695325 1362393191


Her behaviour shows that she is interested. If she was not, she would act indifferently, and not be shy when near him.

Probably she doesn' t speak English fluently and so she is embarrassed to talk to him fearing he' ll laugh at her English.

I believe your friend should find a moment when she is alone, like when leaving work in the afternoon, approach her and tell her directly and honestly how he feels. From her reaction, he' ll know how she feels.

Good luck!


rockabillyRebel 1362394580

its very simple why they are afraid to go out with english guys... 1. insecurity,, they feel not comftable due to experieces from other people. 2. some english guys r irresponsible.. they are into getting drunk and acting silly. 3. women want stability long term commitment and family..4, as most women they want money to help them buy things. 5, flashy car a house a good job.  6. they are aware that english blokes want them for a 1 night stand and just to pass their times..and they are hard to geT.... those are the main psychological concerns..  in other words they want stability security money and long term commitment and a man that their parents will approve totaly..

Max86 1362451458

It's simple mate.
You gotta act as though u are just friends. Literally ask her to go out as"just friends" this is the system over here.
Don't be pushy and take it real slow. It will take time. And wait til she shows she is ready even then she may deny a kiss. This doesn't mean she doesn't like you..
P.s. Try to be a bit rough round the edges.
Cypriot girls like manly men in most cases..

Sheba-695325 1365430792

So, I' m dying to ask, is your friend going out with the girl now?

Dean Savvides 1365585971

Listen, nothing to do with culture or anything Middle east. Maybe he is going the wrong way about it.

If she doesnt show interest then go for someone else. Plenty of fish in the sea. Maybe get a friend of hers to go-between. Learn some greek. Greek girls will go out with anybody,  believe me.

My wife went out with me and I am short fat and ugly!!!

Good luck.

Amodu-S-973058 1601395277

I have visited Cyprus on several occasion and I like their women, each time I tried to approach any of them they always decline in talking to me. The only woman that gave me attention was a Cypriot lady that came from UK on vacation, I guess base on her exposure she able to talk to me at length in the club. Unfortunately for me she was married so we could talk further about relationship. Majority of them I think is because of language barrier.

I would like to have a serious relationship with nice and kind hearted Cypriot or Greek woman. I intend visit Cyprus soon after pandemic on vacation.

Declan-Evans-973114 1602083360

I know this is an old post. I am visiting Cyprus soon and very interesting to know the view/attitude of locals towards bus . I hope its just because of  the language barrier and not something else. 

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