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Greetings! I read an article recently that said one out of every two people in Cyprus end up dying from a heart attack. That is amazing. I was thinking of offering cupping services (fire cupping), which cleans the cardiovascular system and removes only dead blood cells from the body. It is an ideal and safe treatment for heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, etc., and provides amazing renewed vitality and energy. Over the course of one month after a treatment, the results continue to come. Here is the question. Do you think Cypriots would be open to this type of practice? I would really appreciate your thoughts and feedback.If you want you can email me at signpostmaker@gmail.com or call 24400141in Larnaca.

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I am trying to find information on where I can get travel vaccinations from and also the general cost.I am going to South East Asia, so need things like typhoid etc.

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Hi, On a recent trip back to UK I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease or Gluten intolerance. On returning to Cyprus and consulting my local doctor I was informed "we don't have this disease in Cyprus" so basically no help was forthcoming. Given that one in 100 people in Uk are believed to suffer from this disease I guess there may be one or two of you over here?? Does anyone out there know of a support group, information source or even where you can obtain Gluten free products in Cyprus? I'd be grateful for any feedback. Cheers

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Hi everyoneWe're looking to move to Cyprus in the next year or so, and I've been tasked with doing a lot of homework to see if it's viable.As the UK will have left the EU for good, we will be coming over as a non-EU citizen therefore the EHIC will no longer apply (unless this will be part of the exit deal, which I doubt)!!Can anyone recommend a competitive Health Insurance scheme.  Also, I'd be interested in hearing your experiences (good or bad) of the public hospitals/doctors in the Paphos area.Thanking you in advance.

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Is there anyone who knows a support, cure for gambleing adiction? I need a place where they help for people to get rid of this habit...

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I am 81 years old (fit) I am a resident of the UK ..I have had a flat here in Cyprus since 1985... since that time I have visited Cyprus 3 or 4 times a year..I received my yellow slip 19 2008 ...Can I register with the newly introduced CYPRUS NHS System? 

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I am a fully qualified Counselling Psychologist based in Cyprus, offering online skype counselling sessions, to assist clients to cope with anxiety, stress and depression related to the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown. You can find my contact info on: https://www.therapytribe.com/online-therapy/cyprus/ Please feel free to contact me. 

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I am full qualified master level 7 in advance dermal Fillers & and Botox in Uk, just planning to move to Phafos and love  to get to know  new clients in the area . I am offering mobile services 7days a week from 8-9pm to book please send me text and we can arrange appointment, deposit is requested on booking.many thanks

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I’d like to know how you go about seeing a specialist at Limassol general hospital, do you have to be referred or do you just go to the hospital? Im not registered at the hospital but I have registered with a local GP through the gesy website.  Tia 

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Anyone   open  on  Sundays ?

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Hi Ladies,I live in Limassol and soon we will have our civil wedding in the registry office. I dont want to wear something exaggerated, I would like something simple and short. Also I dont want to spend fortune on a dress....Does anyone know a good boutique in limassol with reasonable prices?Thank you in advance,Malin

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Hey all, I hit my shoulder a couple of month ago and i still haven't fully recovered. fear it will get worse if i don't see a doctor. so any recommendations on a doctor/therapist for that matter?! Thanks alot.

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Can anyone tell me what the code E-6 means on meter for testing blood for diabetics I can't find any information on internetthank you

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Moms, do you know good specialists in Homoeopathy in Pafos? 

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Hello my name is Louise I am a British hairdresser who has recently moved to the larnaca area (pyla). I have worked in a salon in the uk for 12 years as a senior stylist and colourist. Are you looking for a new hairdresser or the convenience of your hair done at home at a time that suits you? Please get in touch via reply or email regarding any questions www.louise514@hotmail.com Can visit for a consultation before hand.

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Hello!would anyone have numbers to mobile hairdressers? There were a few discussions regarding this but those posts were 6 years ago so I don't know if those hairdressers are still on the island, but if you know one that is here and still doing this job, I'd gladly appreciate it if I could have their number,thank you!

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Hi just wanted to let you know I tried out a mobile hairdresser in larnaca she was brilliant and did me a set which I havnt been able to find out here. If anyone wants her number let me know as shes cheap and so kind and from the uk.

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I have discovered an awesome Osteopath who holds a clinic in both Paphos and Limassol, I was referred to this very kind 'bone cracker' by another patient of his and I now want to share this treasure of a 'healer'. I was suffering from acute neck pain and was being guided by my GP towards surgery though following an MRI scan we decided that manual manipulation was the correct way forward. Charles now took over and I was subjected to intense sessions of 'abuse' with the relaxation of accupuncture. My pain levels subsided and over a number of sessions my condition improved, to where I am at the present time.   Charles is an advanced Osteopath and Accupunturist with many years experience, having worked all over the World, but now settled in Cyprus.His website WWW.aoacentre.com is your first point of contact, do not hesitate to give him a call and make an appointment you will not be disappointed.  

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I need to find an hearing aid consultant who carries out home visits. Larnaca/Perivolia areas. Thanks Pete 95120511

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Hi, would anyone be able to recommend someone who does spray tanning in Limassol please?

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