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Hey all, I hit my shoulder a couple of month ago and i still haven't fully recovered. fear it will get worse if i don't see a doctor. so any recommendations on a doctor/therapist for that matter?! Thanks alot.

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Can anyone tell me what the code E-6 means on meter for testing blood for diabetics I can't find any information on internetthank you

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Moms, do you know good specialists in Homoeopathy in Pafos? 

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Hello my name is Louise I am a British hairdresser who has recently moved to the larnaca area (pyla). I have worked in a salon in the uk for 12 years as a senior stylist and colourist. Are you looking for a new hairdresser or the convenience of your hair done at home at a time that suits you? Please get in touch via reply or email regarding any questions www.louise514@hotmail.com Can visit for a consultation before hand.

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Hello!would anyone have numbers to mobile hairdressers? There were a few discussions regarding this but those posts were 6 years ago so I don't know if those hairdressers are still on the island, but if you know one that is here and still doing this job, I'd gladly appreciate it if I could have their number,thank you!

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Hi just wanted to let you know I tried out a mobile hairdresser in larnaca she was brilliant and did me a set which I havnt been able to find out here. If anyone wants her number let me know as shes cheap and so kind and from the uk.

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I have discovered an awesome Osteopath who holds a clinic in both Paphos and Limassol, I was referred to this very kind 'bone cracker' by another patient of his and I now want to share this treasure of a 'healer'. I was suffering from acute neck pain and was being guided by my GP towards surgery though following an MRI scan we decided that manual manipulation was the correct way forward. Charles now took over and I was subjected to intense sessions of 'abuse' with the relaxation of accupuncture. My pain levels subsided and over a number of sessions my condition improved, to where I am at the present time.   Charles is an advanced Osteopath and Accupunturist with many years experience, having worked all over the World, but now settled in Cyprus.His website WWW.aoacentre.com is your first point of contact, do not hesitate to give him a call and make an appointment you will not be disappointed.  

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I need to find an hearing aid consultant who carries out home visits. Larnaca/Perivolia areas. Thanks Pete 95120511

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Hi, would anyone be able to recommend someone who does spray tanning in Limassol please?

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Hello! Im wondering if anyone knows how 

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I am looking for recommendations for a gym in Limassol.  Ideally women only but not essential.I am looking for somewhere to get on the treadmill before or after work and maybe join some fitness classes.I am a beginner and very self conscious so not really looking to go somewhere where is full of super fit people, but rather a mixture of people at different levels of fitness.If anyone can recommend somewhere please let me know.

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Hi, can somebody recommend me a good endocrinologist located preferably in Nicosia (or Larnaca)

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Hi has anyone been to the oncologist this morning please and if so was it still the new lady on the 3rd floor or we back downstairs with the oncologists from Limassol. My husband has an appointment for next Friday and someone has told him it's the original oncologist again. Thank You in anticipation.

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HiCan anyone recommend a good hair and makup artist for a Bridal wedding in Protaras (Hotel Wedding). It would be great if they have a website and pictures of the previous work example along with prices.Many thanks

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I am looking for a chiropodist in Limassol (who is UK qualified) to operate on my ingrowing toe nail? It is very sore!

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Hi. Can anyone recommend a profession masseuse, Thai or medical, that is not working out of a hotel that charges reasonable prices. Thanks. 

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Hi, Does anyone know if the pharmacies in Cyprus stock Alli or Xenical? They are weight loss drugs that block the absorption of dietary fats. Cheers.

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Looking for your recommendations please for the nicest spa that I can take a friend to for a day of pampering?

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Hi does anyone know anything about the new pro points with Weight watchers I want to start but don't know what is what..... Tried to join on line but they say I have to be living in the UK Also anyone know of a good Gym that's not really expensive in the Columbia area of Limassol.

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