Back and neck pain....Best Osteopath in Cyprus

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I have discovered an awesome Osteopath who holds a clinic in both Paphos and Limassol, I was referred to this very kind 'bone cracker' by another patient of his and I now want to share this treasure of a 'healer'. I was suffering from acute neck pain and was being guided by my GP towards surgery though following an MRI scan we decided that manual manipulation was the correct way forward. Charles now took over and I was subjected to intense sessions of 'abuse' with the relaxation of accupuncture. My pain levels subsided and over a number of sessions my condition improved, to where I am at the present time.   Charles is an advanced Osteopath and Accupunturist with many years experience, having worked all over the World, but now settled in Cyprus.His website is your first point of contact, do not hesitate to give him a call and make an appointment you will not be disappointed.  


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