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Hi, On a recent trip back to UK I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease or Gluten intolerance. On returning to Cyprus and consulting my local doctor I was informed "we don't have this disease in Cyprus" so basically no help was forthcoming. Given that one in 100 people in Uk are believed to suffer from this disease I guess there may be one or two of you over here?? Does anyone out there know of a support group, information source or even where you can obtain Gluten free products in Cyprus? I'd be grateful for any feedback. Cheers


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Hi there!

Perhaps go and see a homeopathic doctor. I have been seeing Dr Georgiou at the DaVinci Centre in Larnaca although I am aware that there are also homeopathic doctors here in Limassol. Dr Georgiou is English/Cypriot so no language barriers! You could also visit the DaVinci website for more information.

With regard to where you can buy Gluten-free products, there are several health food shops in town. There is one beside Debenhams Apollo on Makarios Avenue called "Gaia", another on the road from the Debenhams lights heading towards St Barnabus Church called "An Apple a Day" and "Savvas Charilaou" Health food shop on the road from the Rio Cinema heading down towards St Andrews Street. There is also a shop on Grivas Digenis somewhere.

Hope you get somewhere!

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You can buy gluten free at carrfore.

The Doctors here train abroad and then that is it... they can put a title on themselves and diagnose what they like.

l work in Nicosia as a nurse and have been registered for 32 years so you could say l know a little about most things, and l am still shocked at some of the diagnosis made but Dr are gods here no one questions them.

There are some great books filled with info and also go through the web sites if you have been diagnosed in the uk take it as truth and look into your symptoms for reassurance. The Davinci clinic is great l have been cost me a fortune but the doctor was excellent.

There are some great Health shops around as well depends where you live.

Good luck CJ

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Hi, you certainly aren't the only one in Cyprus! Orphanides supermarket has a range of gluten (and dairy-free) products. Some butchers are now producing gluten-free sausages and some of the local bread is not made with wheat. I'm sure that the other supermarket chains stock gluten-free products as well. There are also some excellent gluten-free cookery books available and a wealth of websites giving advice. If you eat out, there is a useful card you can download and print, written in Greek, which you can produce. It explains everything.


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Hi there where you can become a member and they produce and send members once a year, a directory of branded foods, identifying those suitable to Coeliacs. This is a god send here as many brands are the same but the ingredients are obscured by labels written in Greek and not very helpful if you can't read Grrek like us. this is the American site and may be of interest to you. here you can find information, a what, when, where and how.

Gluten free bread at Zorbas is baked to order.

Hope all this helps and as we find things we will pass them on

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Wow, it's reassuring to know there are so many options here, thought I would have to go back to UK. Thanks for all the info.


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I went guten, wheat free from choice....go right back to basics eat caveman style...stay away from anything in a packet, stock cube, smartees, jared sauces, soya sauce (unless called tamari which is wheat free) look into making your own bread, plain and self raising flour in carrefour in freefrom section (organs i think) is excellent). Be careful, good luck any help let me know.

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If you go to Carrefour you can get "La Choy" soy sauce which uses maize/corn as an additive instead of wheat and is therefore Gluten Free.... Think a group of new found friends should have a food sampling evening and swop Gluten free recipes


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We have lived here (Nicosia) for two years and my wife is Coeliac.
The disease is not widespread on the island so you are correct that it is not widely understood here.

You can only be properly diagnosed if you have had an endoscopy - this would check your guts for sure... any other tests are only indicative. Please, please - make sure your diagnosis is correct. You need an endocrinologist to advise you... do not trust others.

My wife has avoided buying anything like 'gluten free' bread from Zorpas or 'gluten free' suasages from a butcher as she considers the risk of cross contamination to be too high. If crumbs are left on a board or a mixing machine is not cleaned 100% then you WILL get gluten in your products. (And to be honest can you see them being that diligent?)

As you will have found out the special GF food available is often very expensive (I mean more expensivethan usual for Cyprus Ha Ha!). My wife finds it easier to just avoid stuff like bread rather than jumping through hoops to get, or make, special GF variants.

If you need help please contact us.

Steve W

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hi mick,

ive only just seen this post and i can see that you have been given a lot of advise already so dont want to repeat. my daughter is 9 and was diagnosed in the UK by a biopsy when she was 2 years old. we arrived in cyprus 7 years ago so just after she was diagnosed. it has become a lot easier over the years here. she is still very sensitive with any gluten and will vomit more or less straight afterwards if she eats any by mistake. i know someone on here mentioned about cross contamination with the bread etc. we have been ordering the bread from zorbas now for about 2 years and my daughter has never had an issue with it. we order it and then get them to cut it after i watch them clean the cutting machine in front of me. i then freeze it. also we have ordered many birthday cakes from new york sweets as they are the only bakery to bake gluten free cakes and they are very nice.

cheers jo

Anette Martinsen 1253553222

Hi Mick,
I hope i can be of help to you.
My son couldn't eat gluten, dairy or sugar when he was diagnosed with dyspraxia
So i had to come up with things that kids liked etc
I made everything from we can get certain things here Like at Gaia or Carrefour.
I had so many recipes after experimenting in the kitchen for years that i published a book here in Cyprus which has gluten, dairy and sugar free recipes.
It is available direct from me or from all good bookshops/health shops or on
Anette Martinsen, A Recipe for Health.
I have had many years living and coping with this problem so I have a lot of experience, recipes and guidance if you need it. I also have some shows on youtube too - hopefully they can help too.

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In Paphos you have Christina's health food shop in Chloraka with plenty for wheat free, 26273322; and Keriakos' shop in kato Paphos, 99283475.

Zorba's wheat free bread is sooo delicious! (€3.95 tho)

flamenco-668447 1256551430


I have candida and must also avoid wheat products, I went to Zorbas some months ago and asked if they had wheat free bread and the sales assistant looked at me very puzzled and didnt understand what i wanted so I ask another sales girl and the same with her. Can you please tell me is this bread called something specific at zorpas so that i know what i shall ask for.

Thanks very much for your help.

theodorou yian 1256581566

As a member of my fmily is gluten free i use to read this pages and as i being informed there is an association in cyprus for gluten free . I am sure they found out the best safe products and cheaper as thery import the products themselves. I contuct them some months before if anybody is interested to opern a bakery only for gluten free because i have a property licensed for bakery. That will be clear only for gluten free and not mixed other flour. if you want to contuct them for more informato their tel are Mr Dimitris Philipides 99631619 and Mr Doros Pabagides 99668998

Anette Martinsen 1256632985


you have to order the bread at Zorbas
you need to ask for gluten free bread
and that you want to order it
it takes 1 day and you need to pre-pay
I bought it once a thought it was very small, very dry, and very expensive -
3.55 for a small loaf.
The kids hated it too.
It was ok toasted but not as a sandwich
Its much better and cheaper to make your own
Copy and paste this into youtube and you can see how to make gluten free bread
Good luck

Kevin B-697149 1269880956

Try the French bakery in Limassol they have gluten free rolls just like the real thing

jackie hunt 1269888469

Hi keviin i have a wheat intolerance and have been ordering the bread from zorbas which is hardly a substitute for the real thing! Please could you tell me where the french bakery is....many thanks....jackie

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Hi Annette

i am coeliac and also cant have rice and patatoe so i'm finding it a bit hard as most gluton free things have rice flour or patatoe

i'm interested in your book what is it called and would it be any good for me ? i've only known about this problem for a few months so i'm learning every day about it

kind reagrds


Anna Tsolia-Stavrou 1293366577

Hi everybody.

My family is living with coeliac for the last 2.5 years as both my children (they are twins) are coeliacs.

About 2 years ago we founded the Cyprus Coeliac Association, and though we only count about 70-75 members
we are trying to do our best to make coeliac known in Cyprus and gain our rights. Very difficult I should admit but nothing is impossible if you fight for something.

Our association(non-profit) is a member of the AOECS (Association of European Coeliac Societies) and we are trying with their helpand not only to improve coeliacs' life in Cyprus.

Situation is improving but there are a lot to do.

You may be interested in the events we organise 2-3 times a year. We call them food tasting events and the next will hopefully be in Limassol in January.

I f any of you are interested, please do not hesitate to reply or send me an email. I could also send you some info about gluten free products and be informed of new products coming.
If any of you have the Hospital's card can also get gluten free flour.

Wishing you all
Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year

Anna Tsolia-Stavrou

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Hi There

My middle son suffered with this and was diagnosed 22 years ago in the UK. I see in the supermarkets here they do sell some gluten free products and I dont know if it is still going but there used to a Coeliac Society in the Uk. You could join for a small fee and every year they would send you an updated pocket size handbook listing all the off the shelf products that were also gluten free and safe to eat. It was small enough to carry around with you. It was an absolutle godsend when my son was little so maybe it would be worth checking out if they still operate. Best wishes x

Anna Tsolia-Stavrou 1294540215

Dear Smiler4717,
thanks a lot for the reply.

actually Coeliac UK still has the Food & Drink Directory, but not the pocket one.
I will try to get it as it will be very useful to me.

I will probably find some english food in local stores.

Best wishes

Anette Martinsen 1294850090

My book is called a recipe for health
it has loads of gluten free recipes in it to help you

Anette Martinsen

Anna Tsolia-Stavrou 1299090107

On the occasion of its 2nd General
Assembly, T
he Cyprus Coeliac Association cordially invites you

to a lecture titled:

The role of
early diagnosis and close monitoring

of people with celiac disease’

An open discussion will follow


Dr Maria Fotoulaki

Assistant Professor of PaediatricsPaediatric Gastroenterology

Paediatric Clinic, Medical

Aristotelion University
of Thessaloniki

Date: 20th of March, 2011

Day: Sunday

Time: 10.30am

Place: Strovolos Municipality Hall

100 Strovolos Avenue, Nicosia

After the discussion, elections for
the new governing board will follow.

R.S.V.P. by
16th of March, 201

Tel.nos 99631619, 99445366

A reception will follow with gluten free delicacies.

procopis 1299162370

You can contact Cyprus Coeliac Association and they help you to find everything you need about food in Cyprus.
I am a member of the association and there will be a meeting in Strovolos town hall (Nicosia) on Sunday 20/3/2011 at 10:30am.
Everybody welcome

Sean Somerville 1342647657

Hi there, i have just started a BFC Coeliac group page on facebook as i did not know anything until i asked a friend. so started a page to start the ball rolling to ask for help and advice on the subject. will have to see if it helps.

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