Competitive Health Insurance

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Hi everyoneWe're looking to move to Cyprus in the next year or so, and I've been tasked with doing a lot of homework to see if it's viable.As the UK will have left the EU for good, we will be coming over as a non-EU citizen therefore the EHIC will no longer apply (unless this will be part of the exit deal, which I doubt)!!Can anyone recommend a competitive Health Insurance scheme.  Also, I'd be interested in hearing your experiences (good or bad) of the public hospitals/doctors in the Paphos area.Thanking you in advance.


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I'm so jealous you are moving to Cypruss.  I love the third largest island in the Mediterranean with its copper deposits.  One day I'll be more than just a home inspector in Hialeah, FL and I'll see the world.  You inspire me.

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