GHD Hair straighteners?

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Does anyone know where I can buy a pair of GHD straighteners - preferably in Limassol area - but can go further afield. Thanks SD

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geri.ah 1261063032


i bought some GHD straighteners last week from pop life in paphos they cost 29euros and work perfectly


sd2010 1261136682

Cheers . .last place I would have thought to look.

Nikitaconway 1263412844

i would also like some GHD's but im in Nicosia if anyone knows somewhere i dont think there is a pop life here if there is i dont know where? any body can help me?

aladan 1263487761

hi , friend , you can try to buy online , there are many GHD sellers , i bought one before , it's perfect .

lofos 1297668995

i have some for sale but am based in polis they are proper ghd not fakes and i want 50 euros for them

Angel75 1297672513

As far as I'm aware, there isn't anyone on the island that supplies them.

The ones in Poplife are fake! They're ok but if you've used the original ones before you'll definitely notice the difference in the outcome.

You're best off purchasing them over the internet but be aware there are many sites that sell fake ones.

cyprustk 1297695874

You should try a hairdresser shop, they can supply you with any original GHD you will like.

Stel 1465918473

I can't believe anyone would think that ghd's could be bought from pop life for 29 euros.

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