Health cover for man in his 40s

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Bertie Mac



My son is talking fairly seriously about moving to Cyprus. Initially he wouldn't have any employment and, as such, would he be entitled to state healthcare?Any guidance would be gratefully received.

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luvcyprus 1469556258

Hi Bertie Mac

Basically the answer is no. To obtain a medical card here, if you are under pensionable age, there are certain requirements:

1. Paid Social insurance for a minimum of 3 years

2. Be resident in Cyprus, i.e. have yellow slip

3. Produce a certified submitted copy of previous years tax return showing your total income is below €15400.00

4. If unemployed show registration with social, signing on.

Plus a number of other things as well.

If you go to one of the Advice Centers they will tell you what you require.

I have paid 8 years SI here and have to produce this documentation every year to have my medical card renewed.

I hope this is of some help.

Here is a link to the application form which explains more.

Medical card application form, English.

Bertie Mac

Bertie Mac 1470424544

luvcyprus - Thank you sincerely for your comprehensive reply. I've forwarded it on to my son for him to consider.

Thank you so very much!

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