Heart Attacks - 1 out of 2 Cypriots die from heart

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Greetings! I read an article recently that said one out of every two people in Cyprus end up dying from a heart attack. That is amazing. I was thinking of offering cupping services (fire cupping), which cleans the cardiovascular system and removes only dead blood cells from the body. It is an ideal and safe treatment for heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, etc., and provides amazing renewed vitality and energy. Over the course of one month after a treatment, the results continue to come. Here is the question. Do you think Cypriots would be open to this type of practice? I would really appreciate your thoughts and feedback.If you want you can email me at signpostmaker@gmail.com or call 24400141in Larnaca.

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I'm sure the lack of properly trained para medics in this country plays an important part of this problem.....

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In this manner then we may stop eating food and drinking water. If we are meant to live or die, food and water will not have any positive or negative impact on our lives.Think of all the money we can save! I hope you see the need to be involved in your own health to some extent. If we starve ourselves, it may have been written wewould die of starvation, but it will be written as a suicide. Lets try to live, and live well.


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I'm thinking that huge amounts of tobacco, booze and pig (meat), has much to do with it. Cupping will not overcome extreme abuses to our bodies, but it will help jump start us in the right direction.

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You are so right sign post maker.

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My grandmam used to do for us the fire cupping and we do that in our days. I think Cypriot are open to alternative medice. If you believe that its going to be diffucult to aproach cypriots then this is what your reality will be. The energy you give is the energy you are getting back in ten times..

Do it do it with love and with a purpose of service the other person.

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You Make me Laugh, the reasons for 50% of Ctypriots Dying of Heart Attack, Although, I am

CERTAIN it's NO WAY 50%, but anyway, is that we now import most of our products

from other countrys, Cypriots lived longer than any other member state, 78.2 years,

So, I think you cetianly have a point, but exaggerate the death rate, BUY a GReat margin.

Further, YES we are very open tio alternative medicines, seeing as we taught the REST

of the WORLD about it. thew.


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Mine was more of an uncomfortable sensation in the middle of my chest rather than pain. I’d had it a couple of days before my heart attack and sat down for twenty minutes or so until it passed and then carried on with whatever I was doing. A couple of days later, whilst unloading the dishwasher of all things, it came back. I settled down to watch a movie but couldn’t concentrate on it due to the distracting feeling in my chest. Again it wasn’t especially painful and if I’m totally honest, had it happened at bedtime I may very well have turned the light off and tried to sleep it off. However my partner had undergone a triple bypass about 10 years previously and suggested I should phone the non-emergency equivalent of 999 for advice. Of course they told me to go to A&E and eventually it was determined that I’d suffered a heart attack.

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The use of AED purchase is one of the most serious resuscitation measures, which is aimed at eliminating heart rhythm disturbances that threaten the patient's life, and at normalizing the contractions of the heart ventricles, with the goal of returning the patient from a state of clinical death. It is equated in importance with cardiac massage and mechanical ventilation.

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