Looking for a doctor/therapist for shoulder injury!

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Hey all, I hit my shoulder a couple of month ago and i still haven't fully recovered. fear it will get worse if i don't see a doctor. so any recommendations on a doctor/therapist for that matter?! Thanks alot.


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Will Lenihan is an Osteopath and has the Fig Tree Osteopathic and  Frozen Shoulder centre. Also helps people with bad backs etc. He is totally brilliant and if you are a member of Paphos Peopleforum and read about reviews and referrals, he is the Top Osteo in town it seems. He is in Tala and he also recommends Clem in Geriskipou when he is not there. I have been to others here but they are not up to his standard and also told me I needed weeks of therapy.9679 9095  Went there today but he can be booked up and you need to ring in advance. He reckons he can fix most problems that are not chronic in  3 sessions or less.

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If you are in Paphos I can recommend Peaceful Touch , Swedish Massage therapists Johan and Petra. tel99963866.

Believe he will also come to you in your home if you want.

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Hi thanks for your answers, unfortunately im in Larnaca and was hoping for someone here or in Nicosia.

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You could try Bowen technique. It gets fantastic results. There is a Bowen Therapist Kara, who has clinics in both Larnaca and Nicosia. You can call her on 99029952.

Hope it helps.



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Hello - does anyone know if Will Lenihan is still practicing? 

If not, does anyone have any other osteopath / chiropractor that they would recommend? 

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