Online Psychology sessions during Coronavirus lockdown

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I am a fully qualified Counselling Psychologist based in Cyprus, offering online skype counselling sessions, to assist clients to cope with anxiety, stress and depression related to the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown. You can find my contact info on: Please feel free to contact me. 


Mary Thomas - Psychologist 1585376509

You can also contact me on: 

Daniel Fellows 1585377730

Hi, this is a great help at the moment, as I don't see how I'm going to get through the next few weeks. Do you consult in greek and english? 

Mary Thomas - Psychologist 1585383667

Hi Daniel. Thank you for your inquiry. I only practise in English and work with children, adolescents and adults.

Daniel Fellows 1585384736

Ok thanks. Do you do any type of hypnotherapy as well, as I have found it worked best for me in the past with respect to some anxiety issues I had. 

Mary Thomas - Psychologist 1585623784

Hi Daniel,

I follow an integrative approach when working with clients as I have been trained in numerous therapeutic techniques (including Hypnotherapy), so the most suitable methods are used dependant on the needs, context and outcome required by my clients.



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