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I am trying to find information on where I can get travel vaccinations from and also the general cost.I am going to South East Asia, so need things like typhoid etc.


tonypp 1298835712

If in Larnaca fairly easy. I went to the travel clinic in the old hospital. They told me what injections I needed, then sent me to reception where I paid about 25 euros. Back to the clinic and had the injections followed by a meeting with a Dr to sort out Maleria treatment. Next, the hospital pharmacy. All sorted in about a hour and a bit and without any appointment. Everybody helpful and considering my Greek consists of about two words I was amazed with the service. Hope you are as lucky. Tony

jemma-703723 1298902629

Great, thanks. I am actually in Limassol but this information really helps.

shopaholic-670119 1298904239

Old Hospital in Limassol.
Very nice lady there who speaks fluent English.
Only available in the mornings. It's done in the same clinic as the babies vaccinations.
We had ours done last year for our trip to Indonesia.
Was very reasonable. Hepatitis A, Thyfoid needed for us.

Some need two, so plan it well in advance.

jemma-703723 1298984091

Perfect, thank you. Do I need to make an appointment or is it just walk in?

PotsOfJoy 1358260901

Does anyone know if Paphos General Hospital has a vaccination clinic?  My partner and I will need a series of vaccinations towards the end of the year for when we visit Vietnam.  Thank you in advance.

johnners-660966 1358262894

Hi PotsOfJoy,

Paphos General does have a vaccination clinic but contact them 7 to 10 days before you need the injections. I've was caught out a couple of times in 2010 when they didn't have the correct vaccines in stock. Once they know what you need they are happy to get a supply.

Recently we've used the Old Hospital too but we do visit Limassol on a regular basis so not any inconvenience for us to travel there.



Gerard-Leahy-998885 1626360713

Hello, I am trying to get an update in getting travel vaccinations. I tried ringing the Old Hospital in Limassol but didn't get a lot of information. Does anyone know where we could get travel vaccinations specifically for South Africa? Thanks

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