Xenical or Alli Weight Loss Drug in Cyprus?

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Hi, Does anyone know if the pharmacies in Cyprus stock Alli or Xenical? They are weight loss drugs that block the absorption of dietary fats. Cheers.

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thisislondon 1242225132

I am not sure but I think I have seen Xenical. You'll probably have to check with a doctor anyways, I'm sure you'll need prescription.

Steve5436 1242319813

Xenical became a non prescription drug under the name Alli last month, have yet to see it in the pharmacies over here but saying that I havent really looked for it. Im sure like everything else over here it will appear in a few weeks/months.

It is advisable to speak to a doctor before taking this drug as the side effects can be unsettling.

allanm 1242319859

You can buy both of these drugs on the internet and they post to Cyprus.


Steve5436 1242320108

Xenical 120 mg is still a POM.... Alli is 60 mg

Miles and sue-676243 1242411972


I recently purchased Xenical from a pharmacy in Peyia (next to the jail pub). it is not cheap it cost 83 euros! I know i was ok to take them, as i had them prescribed for me in the uk.

Good luck

Miles and sue-676243 1244027708

hi clare

Each tablet is 120 mg and the pack contains 84 tablets as in the uk.

good luck


angel-661592 1244813859

Does any one have any evidence that this works?

I would love to use it if it does.


cassie030@gmx.co.uk 1455537587

Hi there,
I have been taking Xenical for 3 months in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. And so far lost 18kg. I am satisfied with the product as it helped me lose the unwanted kilos. True it did have side effects, but that was a good motivator to make healthier food choices. I did get the headaches associated with the side effects but they weren't as bad. And I was loving it because people kept giving compliments about my weight loss and I in general felt good about myself. I would recommend this to anyone. 
Good luck!

Emily-Aniston-873152 1477558069

Hi there,

I'm so happy with my decision to take Xenical. I've lost 5.2 kg in less than 4 weeks.  
If you're curious I been buying it here Meridiareductil.com. Delivery was prompt..within 5 days and pills are of very good quality.

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