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Hi has anyone been to the oncologist this morning please and if so was it still the new lady on the 3rd floor or we back downstairs with the oncologists from Limassol. My husband has an appointment for next Friday and someone has told him it's the original oncologist again. Thank You in anticipation.

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HiCan anyone recommend a good hair and makup artist for a Bridal wedding in Protaras (Hotel Wedding). It would be great if they have a website and pictures of the previous work example along with prices.Many thanks

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I am looking for a chiropodist in Limassol (who is UK qualified) to operate on my ingrowing toe nail? It is very sore!

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Hi. Can anyone recommend a profession masseuse, Thai or medical, that is not working out of a hotel that charges reasonable prices. Thanks. 

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Hi, Does anyone know if the pharmacies in Cyprus stock Alli or Xenical? They are weight loss drugs that block the absorption of dietary fats. Cheers.

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Looking for your recommendations please for the nicest spa that I can take a friend to for a day of pampering?

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Hi does anyone know anything about the new pro points with Weight watchers I want to start but don't know what is what..... Tried to join on line but they say I have to be living in the UK Also anyone know of a good Gym that's not really expensive in the Columbia area of Limassol.

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For sale 2 massage beds,one stabil 90euros and one portable 160euros.perfect condition.

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Hi All, Does anyone know a retailer selling a wide range of gym equipment in the Paphos Area (i.e. rowing machine pref. Kettler).  I've been to a couple of shops which have very limited stock and it seems that I'll have to go to Limassol if I can't find anything here?

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I am having terrible back pains which seem to spread down my right arm on occasion. My wife says my back is terribly knotted and does her best to massage it but, if anything, it makes it worse.Does anyone have someone they could recommend that has done a good job for them?Yours painfully,

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Can anyone recommend a beautician who does at home visits? 

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My son is talking fairly seriously about moving to Cyprus. Initially he wouldn't have any employment and, as such, would he be entitled to state healthcare?Any guidance would be gratefully received.

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Hello!Would anyone know of or can recommend a good gynaecologist at the Makarios Hospital III in Nicosia please? I have multiple uterine fibroids which my doctor at the Apollonio Hospital advised I have a hysteroscopy and possible removal of the fibroids but I cannot afford it with him. I am trying to fall pregnant but fail due to these it seems plus have had a miscarriage also apparently due to the same. (sorry if too much info).Any advice offered would be highly highly appreciated!Thanks in advance!

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Can anyone recommend a hypnotherapist? Ideally would like to find someone who specialises in phobias. Thanks for any help.

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Thoroughly recommend my dentist in Paphos Dr Andri Avraam.  Andri has a diploma in laser  dental treatment  and trained in Frankfurt University in Germany  Andri speaks perfect Englilsh is very kind, considerate and explains what work needs to be done and how much it will cost.  No sudden extras etc.  Laser fillings are completely pain free, fast and no aching jaws from injections.  Excellent with young children and nervous patients.   Almost a pleasure to go to the dentist.   Dr Andri can be found at 9 Evagorou Street. 8010 Paphos  -  go through the fruit market in the old town and the entrance is in between some hoarding where a shop is being refurbished.  You go upstairs and her surgery is very clean, bright and fully equipped and you will be met by a smiling reassuring Dr Andri. Tel. 26 942025  or 99 675555 email avraam.andri@yahoo.com and www.drandriavraam.com

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Can anyone explain the process for registering with a doctor please? What paperwork do I need to take along and so on?

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Hi does anyone know where I can buy spray tan solution in Cyprus

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Are there any decent hairdressers in Limassol for ladies. I dont need it for perms, only for dry/wet cuts.?

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My hair has been burnt 2 times from 2 different hair salons I need help finding a very good salon!! Please help Limassol areaVH

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