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Thoroughly recommend my dentist in Paphos Dr Andri Avraam.  Andri has a diploma in laser  dental treatment  and trained in Frankfurt University in Germany  Andri speaks perfect Englilsh is very kind, considerate and explains what work needs to be done and how much it will cost.  No sudden extras etc.  Laser fillings are completely pain free, fast and no aching jaws from injections.  Excellent with young children and nervous patients.   Almost a pleasure to go to the dentist.   Dr Andri can be found at 9 Evagorou Street. 8010 Paphos  -  go through the fruit market in the old town and the entrance is in between some hoarding where a shop is being refurbished.  You go upstairs and her surgery is very clean, bright and fully equipped and you will be met by a smiling reassuring Dr Andri. Tel. 26 942025  or 99 675555 email avraam.andri@yahoo.com and www.drandriavraam.com

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Can anyone explain the process for registering with a doctor please? What paperwork do I need to take along and so on?

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Hi does anyone know where I can buy spray tan solution in Cyprus

started by: Felicity Anne · last update: 1465982181 · posted: 1195314212

Are there any decent hairdressers in Limassol for ladies. I dont need it for perms, only for dry/wet cuts.?

started by: VICKI X · last update: 1465982092 · posted: 1169546950

My hair has been burnt 2 times from 2 different hair salons I need help finding a very good salon!! Please help Limassol areaVH

started by: t_s-677686 · last update: 1465982003 · posted: 1325179698

do you know any good professional hairdresser in limassol, who is very good specialist in blonde hair? i try some hairdressers but not happy with colour...... thank you

started by: sd2010 · last update: 1465918473 · posted: 1261051070

Does anyone know where I can buy a pair of GHD straighteners - preferably in Limassol area - but can go further afield. Thanks SD

started by: Sara98 · last update: 1465304574 · posted: 1371642188

Hello everyone :) Is brazilian blowout available in Limassol? If yes can anyone raccomend me a good hair saloon who do that. Thanks.

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Will I be able to use my EU card in peyia for my medical needs im moving there for a year and will need to get regular prescriptions will I be covered.

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Dear allPlease note that the Zumba fitness Classes are FREE  for a second year every Saturday morning at 10:30 at Guaba Bach Bar. Classes will take place until 24th September. You are more than welcome to join. Licensed Zumba instructors from all over Cyprus will make our summer not only fit, but fun too! Please join and invite your friends, guests or clients. For all related events, promotions and information: https://m.facebook.com/cyprusloveszumba/ For any information kindly contact Best regards, Eva Stylianou www.evastylianou.zumba.com

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Hi. Can anyone please give me some advice? I've had lower back pain for over a year now. I had 2 cortisone injections in my lower spine last April.  I've read that cortisone isn't good for you long term.  Can anyone please advice on any alternatives?  I live in Paphos.  Thank you

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Can anyone point me in the direction of a yoga / detox retreat please? Really nice views a must.

started by: Kikie · last update: 1461131822 · posted: 1461070181

Looking for the above, currently within driving reach of Pissouri but anywhere in the island later.  Apart from day to day things I have a damaged shoulder (tendons, rotator cuff, also frozen) which needs sorting.  

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Someone in the UK recommended that i try ORMUS (orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements) but i don't know much about it or where to buy it in Cyprus, can anyone help please?

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Has anyone had any experience in treating or using baking soda as a preventative measure for cancer? I'd be interested in hearing any experiences or opinions if you wish to share them.

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Hello all you netballers out there!There must be some people who want to play netball?Although I can't seem to find a netball court in Paphos,there are plenty of basketball courts & I think we should give it a try on one of those!I've never felt so unfit in all my life,since I haven't played netball since I have lived here!So anyone who is interested email me on here because I need to see how much interest I get before I start hiring a basketball court.Anyone who can tell me how to go about arranging netball matches with the army base etc please get in touch...thanks.chocaholics anonymous!!

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Can anyone recommend a natural remedy that works & which is available here in Cyprus? I'm located in Limassol. Alternatively have you had one removed in a GP's surgery with a local anaesthetic rather than having to waste a day in hospital? Cost? Thanks. David

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Hello, Can somebody recommend an Orthopedic surgeon in Limassol as my mother needs her knee replacing. Thank you Graham

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Can anyone recommned anyone at either hair @ hennesseys or Effective hair for lowlights? I've had my hair highlighted and it's turned out very yellow and needs toned down! I also need someone that's good at cutting fine hair! Thanks

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