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Hi. I'm diabetic and need a GOOD podiatrist as I have an ingrowing toenail. If possible one who has good spoken English as unfortunately I don't speak Greek. Larnaca area. Many thanks in advance.

started by: IanfromShropshire · last update: 1449058292 · posted: 1448974769

Hi all. Does anyone know of anyone who does a mobile massage service in Paphos? I'm recovering from a small op so slightly immobile at the moment otherwise I would go to one of the big hotels. I need a normal Swedish massage. Thanks.

started by: umeca74 · last update: 1447841673 · posted: 1446722663

Just arrived in Cyprus, and I wonder what is the recommended way to go about family health insurance. We have 2 small kids aged 5 and 3. I am mostly interested in day to day expenses like visiting a paediatrist and doing blood tests etc, not hospitalisation (that would be secondary). To give you an example in greece we had a cover that for 500 a year you could visit any type of doctor as much as necessary (http://www.expressiatriko.gr/). Is there anything similar in Cyprus? we have the european health card for emergencies but I suppose that is only for hospitals thanks

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Hello - Is there anyone who can give me details of when the Canadian Implant doctor in Limassol will next be on the island - his name is Kyriaki -Ken -Keiren, he was due to show up on the 28th Oct!  also a contact telephone number if anyone has this -  many thanks - contact  - Jennifer on 99797763.

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Hi, Can anyone recommend me a good opticians in limassol who do advanced eye examinations also how much does it cost. Thanks.

started by: Clem-689387 · last update: 1446541849 · posted: 1446413795

Hello everyone, Below is the link to a very complete research about cancer. It is about our health system, using cancer as an example to illustrate the flaws and solutions. This documentary is very well research, with the input of many specialists across the globe, impressive work, one of a first in fact. Muchly recommended! https://go.thetruthaboutcancer.com

started by: Kimber-10050166 · last update: 1446414000 · posted: 1440709435

I'm interested to know if there are any smoking Cessation clincs in the Limassol area. Can anyone please advise?   Thank you! 

started by: suzie22 · last update: 1446217369 · posted: 1446115397

Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser please? My hair is very fine and I need a good cut to make it look good. The hairdresser I had for years has left the island.  Many thanks

started by: Gladston · last update: 1446043100 · posted: 1445307489

Hi  New to Cyprus , can anyone please recommend a place for Botox /fillers Limassol or Larnaca would be ok would prefer a lady have been looking but just can't find anyone .  Thanks 

started by: dutybooty66 · last update: 1445645661 · posted: 1363623019

Hi there, Does anyone know where i can find a Doctor who is qualified/registered to perform an ENG-1 Seafarers Medical and provide a certificate?  I work in the Maritime Security industry and need mine re-newing before the 26th of April 2013. I live in Pissouri but am willing to travel to anywhere in Southern Cyprus to get this done. Any information most appreciated. Many thanks. Stu

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Hello, I am planning to open a prenatal and post-partum fitness centre in Limassol, are there any pregnant women looking currently for a fitness center specialised in exercises for this special period of their life? I would like to find out some opinions on what kind of services would you like to receive in a prenatal/post-partum gym and how much would you pay for a session?   Any opinion is really appreciated! Thanks Ana

started by: Tsiakkas · last update: 1445520891 · posted: 1444987116

My wife is wanting to find an open minded GP to discuss the pros and cons for HRT .Many local doctors will not recommend HRT in any circumstances. Ideally she would like to speak to the doctor in the Larnaca area.

started by: kathmay99 · last update: 1443095275 · posted: 1435831573

does any body know a orthopedic doctor in the limassol area also how much for a consultation regards kath

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Hi, does anyone out there know where I can purchase a good natural looking wig? Or alternatively have one professionally made?

started by: Irish lass-988634 · last update: 1441550024 · posted: 1441475750

Hi am looking at health insurance here as I have just had  to pay out 300 euros for a MRI. Is there any that are not going to  bankrupt me?   Thanks in aadvance  Catherine  

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Hi Does any one know of any yoga or pilates classes in Nicosia? I have spotted a couple but they cost 15euros a class! Ridiculous. So does anyone know of reasonable priced classes? I'm happy to try other exercise classes too.

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Hi forget previous question (didnt check prediction text) does anyone know a pharmacy open 18th August near governors beach/lassol area?

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Does anyone know the email address for Limassol General? Thanks in advance

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Most of you will be aware of the change in the law (April 6th 2015), which now allows UK state pensioners (and their dependants) the right to choose to have free NHS treatment in the UK (as long as you registered your S1 in your EU country of residence). What is not clearly explained is that in order to benefit from this change in the law, you MUST already be registered with a UK GP. So, anyone travelling to the UK is advised to register with a GP in your area of choice (temporary registration lasts for 3 months). Otherwise, if you need treatment, you have to make a trip to the UK just to register with a GP.

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My wife has Bradley injured her foot and we need to borrow / hire some crutches for few  days we are near Larnaca pyla  does anyone have an ideas of where I can obtain some from please ?

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