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Hi am looking at health insurance here as I have just had  to pay out 300 euros for a MRI. Is there any that are not going to  bankrupt me?   Thanks in aadvance  Catherine  

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Hi Does any one know of any yoga or pilates classes in Nicosia? I have spotted a couple but they cost 15euros a class! Ridiculous. So does anyone know of reasonable priced classes? I'm happy to try other exercise classes too.

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Hi forget previous question (didnt check prediction text) does anyone know a pharmacy open 18th August near governors beach/lassol area?

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Does anyone know the email address for Limassol General? Thanks in advance

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Most of you will be aware of the change in the law (April 6th 2015), which now allows UK state pensioners (and their dependants) the right to choose to have free NHS treatment in the UK (as long as you registered your S1 in your EU country of residence). What is not clearly explained is that in order to benefit from this change in the law, you MUST already be registered with a UK GP. So, anyone travelling to the UK is advised to register with a GP in your area of choice (temporary registration lasts for 3 months). Otherwise, if you need treatment, you have to make a trip to the UK just to register with a GP.

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My wife has Bradley injured her foot and we need to borrow / hire some crutches for few  days we are near Larnaca pyla  does anyone have an ideas of where I can obtain some from please ?

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Hello,does anybody know where I can buy Japanese or Korean cosmetics s in Limassol?My beautician adviced me to use it,but I cannot find it here .

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Hi everyone, does any of you kind people have a cushioned invalid loo seat that they no longer need? I fell and fractured my pelvis and I'm having difficulty with getting up from the loo! Hubby doesn't mind helping but I'd rather do it myself. I went into Larnaca General on Saturday morning for 4 days and I cannot praise them enough. Every member of staff was cheerful, patient and proffessional. We hear so many things that are negative about the health care system over here that I'd like to just mention this positive experience.

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Any reccomendations for a good gyn/ob in the limassol area? 

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Hi to everyone. I have had a blocked nose now for 2 years living in Cyprus and i've use vicks rub on, otrivine nasal spray, and now i'm using Rhino Hexal spray. Does anyone know of a good doctor in Cyprus, that's not out to make money by saying i need an operation like they most say. I need a good doctor that will treat me with medication. Any ideas??? Thank you all. Louis.

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hi everyone, I am looking for ENT doctor in Pahoa area, please recommend one if you know , thanks

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Hi all   Does anyone know or can anyone recommend a dentist here in Cyprus that is patient enough to deal with a paranoid about dentist patient. I have not visited a dentist for 10 years and am petrified of them. But I really need to do something about my teeth..Help!!!!!!!

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Can anyone suggest a good place to have a tattoo removed?? Preferably in Limassol but if anyone knows a good place anywhere else, please suggest.. Also if anyone have had their tatts removed, please share the experienced, was it painful? how to take care of your skin after? Did it go completely? Thanks 

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Anybody knows, may be another city.

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Hello, Can anyone recommend an insurance company or companies who can insure an 81 year old relative. It's for immigration purposes for resident permit for a non EU passport holder related and dependant to an EU passport holder. The health insurance required is as follows:  "Certificate of Health Insurance for medical care that covers inpatient and outpatient care and transportation of corpse. (Plan A)". So far one insurance company has told me they will only insure up to 75 years of age. Thanks

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Hi - A very dear friend of mine had a stroke 2 weeks ago and is being discharged from Limassol General on Monday - He needs physiotherapy at his flat in Limassol as it is physically inconvenient to have the physio done at the hospital - does anyone know of any suitable mobile physios in Limassol area who could do this ? Thanks in advance

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Hi, can anyone advise me a good doctor/neurologist for severe migraine, possibly in Limassol.

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we are moving to paphos from limassol and need to find a ladies haidresser near kings mall. looking for a good stylist who does not charge heavenly prices. thank you. 

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Hi, Can someone tell me whereabouts in Limassol you go to see a  Government Doctor ? I am not sure if you go to Limassol General or somewhere else. Many Thanks

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Hi Does anyone know of an Avon rep in the Peyia area.  Paul.

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