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Hi Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser in Limassol that won't cost the earth for a cut n blow dry. Thank you

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Anyone had any trouble getting a hospital prescription filled at a privately run pharmacy?

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Can anyone please please please tell me where in Paphos I can get eyelash extentions!!! Thanks :-)

started by: ashani · last update: 1250146335 · posted: 1250146335

hi i am looking some one professional, who can tech me hiar cutting and dressing, in limassol area once a week monday evening only if there some one please let me know thanks 96593653

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At The Prince Pub, Tomb of the Kings Road Frank Cochrane is starting a Beginners Class for Wudang Tai Chi on Wednesday, 2nd September time 9.00am - 10-15am. Tai Chi is an exercise form that is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. You will learn the short form both square and round and at the end of 16 week you will have a form that can be practiced daily in a very small area and no equipment necessary. Each class costs €6.00, members of Anglo Info get a discount so will cost you only €5.00. Frank can be contacted through the details below, tell him you are a member of Anglo Info to get your discount. Frank a Registered Instructor with “The Tai Chi Union of Great Britain” and has regularly served as a Judge at the British Open Tai Chi Championships. If you would like more background information check out his website at, http://www.taichipaphos.com or you can phone him on 99811915

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Hi all I am an asthma sufferer and my Dr has prescribed me a new inhaler, that is quite new on the market. Basically it is a revelation and has improved my condition significantly. The problem is that the cost in Cyprus is 60 euros for a 30 day supply. This is around 15 euros more than my other 2 inhalers cost. As with us all, money is a bit tight at the moment so I looked on the internet to see if I could by them on line and for how much. The first company that came up on google was "Inhouse Pharmacy". From what I can gather it is a British company. Although your money is paid to them in the UK, their medicines are exported from outside the UK. If I buy 5 inhalers they work out at 34 euros each, as you can see this is a huge saving. I have reservations though that I may not get the product that i am hoping to get and may be wasting my money. I would like to hear from anyone that has experience buying medicines on line and in particular from this company. Thanks in advance

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Hi, we just moved to Pervolia but as our house is not ready, we are temporarily staying in Oroklini. Our house was supposed to be ready so I shipped all my pill refills in my household baggage. Now I need to get at least 2 months worth until we get into our new house and household goods delivered. I read where some chemists seem to give these over the counter without prescription. Is this true and if so, any such chemists in/around Oroklini/Larnaca? Also, would appreciate any recommendations for OB/Gyn, GP, dentists, and pediatricians for Pervolia/Larnaca area as we are new. Many thanks, Janet

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hi,friends i am looking for scane specialist doctor in Nicosia preferanced near agios demetios as i am looking some pipls on my face i don't know why becouse of sun or stomach problem any can tell me i will be greatfull to him or which cream i should use to clean my face also many pipls left sign behind on my face specially forehead is badly effected i am so tense any body help me..

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My daughter is 6 months old and needs her next lot of immunisations, I have gone to a pediatrician previously. Money is a bit tight at the moment and I have been told that you can get them for free at the hospital.Are there certain times and days that injections are done as I will need to book time off work (I live in Larnaca)Do I need to have a medical card to get these?I have just printed off the application for a medical card, my husband and I both work and pay social insurance and earn below the limit. Where do I take this form in Larnaca and what documentation do I need? Why is everything so complicated?Thank you for your helpJodie

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does anyone know what the maternity care is like in Limassol. Would I be best to go private or to the public hospitals? I dont speak Greek (yet)

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i am a 43 year old male, thinking of coming over to cyprus to look for work, understand i am allowed to stay for three months to look for work, before i need to apply for any kind of permit. i am taking betablokers, and am worried about where i should go to get repeat perscriptions or treatment, can i just walk into a hospital or general practice in cyprus?i am hoping to be staying in the paphos area, so any help would be most gratefull, simon

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Hi, Does anybody suffer from Myalig Encephalomylitis (ME).

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HI Seeking information on the best and most reputable service provider of private health insurance in Cyprus. Thanks Melba

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Can anyone tell me where I need to go to get my babies injections up to date. We left the UK in January and he is now 14 months so I think we need to get some done. Do they do them at the hospital or do we need a childrens doctors. Thanks in advance

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Can anyone help me with the following:- Been to the hospital several times becuase my grandson is in hopsital, and we have noticed that a lot of people carry about with them a small blue book. I beleive it is a prescription book. Can anyone help me with what it is and if UK nationality can get them if they are perminently resident in Cyprus.I would also like some other help. I will sometime in the near future require medical treatment for:- Osteo Arthritus in my left knee, and in the UK I was waiting for a knee replacement.Also I am so over weight at 19 stone and need to loose weight drastically, I am wanting to have a "Gastric Band" fitted or a gastric by-pass done.I have also got a `frozen left shoulder`. Should I register with a doctor first, or what? Any advice will be gratefully received. E-mail me personnaly at:- felicity843@btinternet.com in privacy.Any reccomendations of doctors would also be gratefully received. I live in Kolossi, so anyone (doctor that is near by or in Limassol.)

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My mother is 57 and she has high blood pressure She is on medication that she brought from China but now I am thinking to find a local doctor to check her and give new subscription Anybody knows a good doctor for this? We are living in Yemasoyia Limassol Thanks in advance

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hi...can anyone recommend a good english speaking doctor in limassol please for an adult? many thanks

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My wife asked me to check the price of some tablets she needs. She wants Calcium with vitamin D3, she suggested I tried Holland a barratts, they have a web site. I got 2 prices 60 tablets for £2.99 or 250 tablets for £6.99. Would anyone like to guess what the chemist wanted for 60 tablets?

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Does anyone knoes for a good professional nail salon in Limassol? Thanks

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any good recommendations for a professional beautician in limassol?

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