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any good recommendations for a professional beautician in limassol?

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Hi, Wondering if anyone could help. I am pregnant and looking to get a private gender scan or 3d/4d scans somewhere at a clinic in Limassol. Does anyone know of anywhere that does this. Ive tried googling but I couldnt really find anything Thanks!

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My husband and I will hopefully moving to Cyprus next year our only problem is getting my husbands medication. He has to take warfarin,prednisolone and digoxin does anyone know if we can purchase these on a private precription or dircetly from a pharmacist.I have look on the list of medication and price list for tablets prices in Cyprus and they are not on the list. Maybe he will need to return home to get these from his GP i dont know if his GP can prescribed these for more than 3monthes.Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks janice

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Hi, Anybody knows a good eye doctor in Limassol I am pregnant now and because I am short eyesighted my doctor suggested me to have c-section. Anybody had similar experience? Shall I go to visit an eye doctor to get his/her opinion?? Pls advise thanks

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To whom it may concern, Regarding incidents of malpractice in Limassol General Hospital – gynaecological department- case no.178006-433020, Marta Swinarska and Craig Michael, As asked i'm writing to explain my concerns and anger, On the 19th January 2009 my common law wife and i attended the hospital as she was having labour pains, after being sent to the A+E department to get a form a female doctor on duty around 12-1 pm gave Marta a C.T.G heartbeat test and said everything was ok and she was to go home, as i was about to leave i asked if they were supposed to scan Marta to check the baby further, the doctor replied " well if you insist" i said " i do insist" she made the scan and told us the baby was only 2 kilo's in weight and should be around 3 kilo's, we were very worried and then she looked further and told us there wasn't hardly any waters in there and that Marta has to stay in the hospital. They performed some tests and observations during the night and morning and told us the following day Marta had to have a saserian section in the afternoon, to cut out the baby as it was in high danger!! Lucky i got the number of a private doctor and after my concern of it taking me to ask for the scan in the first place i had lost trust in the hospital already, i took Marta for a second opinion, Our new doctor Mr Mario Liasidies scanned Marta and told us the baby was 2.95 kilos very normal and there was water and she was in no danger atall! Our Baby Castalia was born on the 23rd January 2009 by natural birth , actually it was a lovely moment that i was nearly robbed of- , she was exactly 2.95 kilos nearly 1 kilo away from what the General hospital told us! There was lots of waters for the birth , and if i had stood by and let Limassol General hospital cut my baby out there is all sorts of risk of breathing difficulties, stress and of course scaring Marta's body for life and may be making it not possible for natural births in future.!! My father is a policeman in the UK and is Your Cypriot presidents personal body guard , this matter will be reported to him " as i wonder how many other people have had bad treatment" – me and my father are of Cypriot origin, Today i received a bill from you for 287.04 euro's !! For the pleasure we had there im not even going to explain to you about the terrible food she had! Consisting of cold pastichio like a brick , jam tasting of chilli, out of date youghurt, and it cost me 2000 euro's for a doctor who knew what he was doing!! I think i will send you the bill for 2000 euro's if i don't decide to take you to court for mall- practice, this letter will also be sent to the local papers with a picture of my lovely new healthy baby, What are you going to do to resolve this complaint, and how we were advised so wrongly, In faith Craig Michael if anyone has had scimilar experiences please post them here of if you can help " work for a local paper" ??

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Hi there, I basically need to get a repeat prescription for 2 medicines and was going to go to a private doctor but then thought I would try the local hospital - Limassol. I haven't been before, and will be going tomorrow morning, with the kids tagging along but hubby is at work so no choice on that matter. What I would like is any advice on what I should take with me and what to expect when I get there? If anyone could kind of talk me through the process or give me any tips to make it easier that would be great. Also I ashamedly do not speak any greek so will this be a problem? Just that when I had to use the emergency part of the hospital I felt really stupid and a real hassle because I only spoke english - I found myself apologizing a lot which didnt help when I already felt like death warmed up! Steph treasure family, cherish laughter

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Hi all, I would like to hear of any reccommendations for a GP in Limassol for myself and my husband, we already have details of a good paed. Also if you could let me know of what cost to expect for an appointment. Thanks in advance treasure family, cherish laughter

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Hello, Can anyone recommend me a good paediatrician in Limassol near the Kanika aera or at least not so far from the centre? Thank you! Syilvie Sylvie

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Hello everyone I am a newbie. We are coming to live in our house in Limassol for a number of months (in February) and I would be grateful to know about the availability of certain medicines in Cyprus. In particular Plavix (Clopidogrel), Buscopan, Folic acid 5mgs and flucloxacillin. Also whether there is a pharmacy in Limassol that you could recommend that maybe I could give a call to. We will be living in East Limassol. Many thanks Lizzie

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does anyone know of a good dermatologist in the pafos area? thanks

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My som has moved to Cyprus on permanemt basis - he is Type one diabetic. We have been old and new hospitals, spoken with doctors, pharmacies - but still do not understand how to get insulin free (or at an affordable price). Does anyone know how it all works? Who we need to see? Any help appreciated. E-mail peachfam@spidernet.com.cypeachfam

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Have a friend in England that is interested in coming out to Cyprus with the intent of undertaking surgery, and re cooperating whilst holidaying on our island. Does anyone have any information with regards to the above, apparently there are such companies as Medical Tourist Agents. Obviously this is a sensitive matter, so, recommendations are always better then a trip down to Thomas Cook! No offence meant of course!

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Hi Can anyone tell me where I need to go in Larnaca to have my annual thyroid check up (blood test). ThanksDenise

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please can anyone advise me about receiving free medication whilst living in cyprus i hold medical exemption card in the uk is this valid in cyprus.Being type 2 diabetic are the drugs readily available in towns such as polis or paphos thanks for any info mr hallmikele

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Since we moved here about 6 months ago my two year old son has had numerous chest infections. He has now been declared asthmatic and we have been told he will need to be on inhalers and medicine for the forseeable future. Everyone we have spoken to, including the doctor, says that the Cypriot climate is to blame. I would very interested to hear anyone else's opinions or experiences of this.

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Hello, My Grandfather has recently suffered discomfort from trapped nerves and we are in search of a registered accupuncturist here in Cyprus. If anyone has any information or advice could you kindly mail me. Thanks in advanceGeorgi

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Can anybody help me,my mum and dad are considering moving to Cyprus to be with their grandchildren but my mum has had colon cancer and has a delivery service to home for bags etc... and also regular check ups at the hospital.Does anyone know what the situation is if they move out here? Do they have to everything private or can they use the Cypriot local hospital(once they have their residency status)She is now 70. Any advice would be most welcome

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is it better taking out private health insurance, and is it better to get something here in uk before going to Cyprus or is there just as good or better cover in Cyprus

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Does anyone know where i can get the contraceptive pill from in lemesos? and is there a way i can get it for free?? JOP

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My husband is suffering from hypertension. We live in Tsada for 8 months now and we are looking for a reliable doctor. who has experiences in this field? Is there a possibility to get a ultrasonic testing? My husband has to do a check up at least once a year. Probably we will have to pay cash, so the next question is about the ballpark estimate. He has just a national health insurance. Main thing is to find a reliable doctor, who not just babbles to get the money.

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