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Some time back I asked for a recommended dentist in Larnaca.  Some gentleman replied and gave me the names and tel. No. Of dentist in Larnaca opposite MacDonalds, but not the one on the seafront. i have mislaid this info - I do recall the name Joanna as one of the dentists. help please !!!

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I've looked through the discussion boards for recommendations for a good gynae in Paphos but they all seem to be Limassol or Nicosia.  Does anyone have a recommendation for one in Paphos, who speaks excellent English?  I went to one at a hospital who seemed to have no clue what I was talking about and left me feeling very stressed.  I don't mind if it's a male or female as long as they are good!  Thanks in advance.

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Our friend is being sent home from hospital after being in Intensive Care for the last 7 weeks. They can do nothing else for him. He had a brain tumour and went through all the treatments but now he seems to be not getting any better. Does anyone know if there are hospital type beds we can hire for his stay at home? He cannot move any part of his body and his wife will have to do everything for him. The hospital are sending all the feeding tubes, catheter, etc. home with him. It would be much easier to help him if he had a proper bed. Paphos area, but would travel if one was available elsewhere.

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has anybody else had problems getting a medical card?, i have been sent away three times now once because my wage slip wasnt new enough at 2 months old, next because i didnt have a copy of my marrage cert and them because i need an  e104 form, i looked on the net and couldnt find one , so i filled in a form ca3916 for proof of national insurance contrabutions, and i have waited 2 months no reply so i called hmrc today and was told that i cant ask for an e104 form only an ofical administration can ask for it, and the form i sent in is taking 45 working days at the moment to be checked, and then when they do send it it will take 3 weeks to get back with the mail system here, my wife is 4 months pregnant and  i have to pay full price at the moment which ist cheap , she had get get blood tests this week i paid what i was told at the window which alltogether came to 10.50 very cheap until she tried to get the bottles and was sent upstairs to pay full price as i have no card that was over 250 euros just for basic blood tests

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Can anyone tell me if there is a distributor for Juice Plus in the Paphos region.

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My daughter graduated from Manchester university and when she was there she visited a chiropodist Podiatrist to fix her feet because she had a problem with painful soles.  She again has some pain and we have seen in the Yellow pages that there are some UK state registered podiatrists.  Anyone used someone they would recommend? We live in Limassol but we don't mind travelling to another city. Thanks Sotos 

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Please, does anyone have any comment? Does it really work? I would like to have your views. Thank you.

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Hi, does anyone know of the cheapest place to buy anti wrinkle face creams in Paphos area? The supermarket and pharmacies seem to be the only place I can find that sell them and they are so expensive. I did look at ordering them on line, but the postage costs to Cyprus are silly amounts.  Many thanks

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Hi everyone Not sure if anyone can help me with this but here goes.   I am in need of a bespoke walking stick which is rather thick and a fair diameter. The stick would need to be tall as I need it for balance when attempting to walk. I can only find the usual in the shops and they are not stable enough, so if anyone knows someone that carves wood etc would you please let me know. Thanks peeps

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Hi I would like to thank Kay for  recommending the  Dental  surgeon Christakis A. Theori, 99 459 292, he did some brilliant work also importantly he has a calming manner and has very reasonable prices. Thank you.

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Hi Can anyone please advise, I have had two hip replacements in UK while I was recovering from my last one January, I displaced my hip had to return to hospital & have it put back under anasthetic. I was allowed back to my daughters to recover then given all clear to return to Cyprus. One week back & I have displaced again & back to General in Limassol where it was put back & I was put in traction. I am now back home Governors Beach & desperatley trying to keep it in this time. I need Physio & wonder does anyone know who to recommend especially in this field as I have major problems with my hips. I have no insurance so money is of importance. I would be grateful for any advise from anyone with similar problems ? I am now extremely careful & on two crutches with all contraptions to help etc. Would prefer someone fairly local if possible. Thanks 

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I have been asked to find out what treatment is available for a person who has Type 1 diabetes and who is retired and is planning to come to Cyprus to live.  What does the state health system provide and what will they be expected to purchase privately eg insulin, equipment (eg glucose strips, meter, insulin pump) and if so, where in the Paphos region are these items available? Thank you  

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hi, I am staying in tombs of the Kings road , wandered if anyone knows a good hairdresser to cut and highlight my (short style) at a reasonable price . Don't mind a shop or mobile . 

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could someone tell me what documents ect you need to get registered with local doctor. thanks

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Hi has anyone had any implants fitted by a canadian dentist named Ken in Zakaki Limassol? I got his number as a recommendation from anglo

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hi all, i have a serious problem, about a month ago i got pains in my mouth, the pain is connected to my ear causing ear ache, and my left jaw is partly paralised. i went to a dentist near carefour, and she told me to find someone else, she was to scared to go there.i am thinking of going to private hospital to be put to sleep for removal. does anyone out there know what i can do? simon

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Hi  Im looking for an exercise or yoga / pilates class on a saturday in Limassol. I dont want to join a gymn as I can only go saturdays and it wont be worth paying a subscription. Any one have any ideas? X 

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Hi. I will have to born my child in limassol general hospital. Does any mummy had expirience there? How many persons is in room? What about food? Any info  }}} thanks  

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hi , ive been told you have to pay to register at the general hospital, does any body know how much it is? i tried to get a mediacl card but have only been working here for 18 months so told im not eligable until ive been here 3 years,.even though im paying social i cant get child benefit or holiday pay? so whats the point of paying social !!!!!

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Hi. Has anybody been treated for coccyx pain in cyprus? Thanks. 

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