started by: Theboys · last update: 1424099698 · posted: 1418315845

Hi, does anyone know of a good, reasonably priced dentist in the Larnaca area? Many thanks.

started by: Flavia-919462 · last update: 1424098938 · posted: 1422596857

I need to make an appointment to to have overdue dental work carried out. Could someone recommend a friendly English or English speaking dentist, tried and tested, in the Kiti or Larnaca areas. Thank you...  

started by: localboy-678752 · last update: 1423486432 · posted: 1422542517

Does anyone know where i can get strong sleeping pills.Strong enough to knock me out for about an hour a time.Only need them for a short period so small amount required.Thanks

started by: eevee · last update: 1422954173 · posted: 1422954173

Hi  Trying to find someone who offers electrolysis in the Paphos area?  thanks. 

started by: NSI nails · last update: 1422535946 · posted: 1422535946

Hi, I have a question. I need health certificate for my job. I have gone to Nicosia general hospital, after being transferred from department to department, I have been told i need to 1) find private laboratory to do stool test 2) then to go to Strovolos outpatient department with my results. I have been told they dont do it here in Nicosia General. Can anybody please advise where exactly I need to go after receiving my results from laboratory, and how much will it cost? The people in hospital speak very poor English so I couldn't get much precise information from them.

started by: MissEDC · last update: 1422412714 · posted: 1418577181

Hi everyone. Can anyone recommend a good place to get my nails done in Limassol? :)

started by: florimax_cy · last update: 1422310351 · posted: 1417697131

Does anyone know a fitness centre in the universal area ... or where is the nearest gym centre from universla area ... the program eventually, prices ...?

started by: alioop · last update: 1422309964 · posted: 1422309964

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone knows of a venue suitable for holding a silent meditation retreat? It needs to be in a very quiet place that can house 12 people in separate rooms and have a large room of some kind for the meditation.  It also needs to be affordable so I thought something like a place where school or sporting camps are held. Any ideas would be gresrtly appreciated.   

started by: Merry traveller · last update: 1422122387 · posted: 1422094740

I have an appointment at the NGH next week; refererred to the Angio Surgeon for Triplex of neck vessels (whatever that is). If the NGH is anything like the Limassol General it will be difficult to find my way around or anyone to help with information. Can anyone give me advice about parking and finding my way around inside the hospital? 

started by: evelynkonstantinidis · last update: 1421457811 · posted: 1414929367

Hi all, Does anyone know if there are any British doctors with practices in Larnaca, or anywhere else in the south for that matter? Regards, EK

started by: Carer4You · last update: 1420225204 · posted: 1334195776

Hi Does anyone know where Yoga classes are being held in Paphos ? I am coming sunday 15th and looking to take some classes when there. I am a beginner and looking to learn. Any Info & websites - Please contact me. Sarah

started by: shepherdbds@hotmail.com · last update: 1420207392 · posted: 1420194004

Hi everyone.My name is Dr Stephen Shepherd and I have opened a simple practice in Larnaca. I would really appreciate some comments/suggestions about people's negative experiences in Cyprus and  how I can improve the current services.

started by: sfield1023 · last update: 1419236157 · posted: 1418837552

hi all, basically i am stuck in the middle of a dental nightmare. had eleven teeth out, twelfth tooth is in so much pain when tryed to remove.wll hospital put me to sleep and remove tooth? if so i guess you have to pay, anyone know how much. last time i was at paphos hospital i was walking around like a headless chicken, dont know where to go. or should i go private, please help thanks simon

started by: fish.ing · last update: 1418963663 · posted: 1413279327

Does anyone know where I could buy a 180cm barbell in Limassol?

started by: peteradamsims · last update: 1418954183 · posted: 1418954183

Hi, I am looking for advice on which gym to join in central Nicosia and how much it will cost. Thanks Peter

started by: b7hgf · last update: 1416603467 · posted: 1416387551

Iam looking for an online pharmacy that will accept and dispence a prescription from pahos general hospital.The hospital does not have the tablets prescribed and never stock them neither do the other hospitals.Other local chemists here can get them but they are over double the cost of what they are in the uk.Any help would be appreciated.B7

started by: Dimitra E · last update: 1416345457 · posted: 1416345457

Does anyone offer evening ballet or other type of dance classes in evenings?  Don't want to join a gym...  

started by: nishvio · last update: 1416050585 · posted: 1416050585

HI , i am 5 month pregnant . Until 4 mnth i was visiting private hospital and i used to pay 60 euro per visit . Later my frn suggest me to go general hospital and i pay now only 30 euro per visit. Thats half i was pleased , just has to wait long time . I finish all of my blood test and 5 mth ultra sound . I don't have medical card so i have to pay as private . So, do u know much i must have to pay during delivery time ? I will be great thankful .

started by: desagun · last update: 1415991423 · posted: 1415991423

My wife has been diagnosed with rheumatism and is taking Hydroxchlooquine but also needs to take Methotrexate. The doctor will will need blood tests each two weeks to monitor her various organs. Has anybody experience of a Limassol based doctor who specifically is a Reumatologist ??.         Just hoping there are others out there who have the same problem and who can give an idea of costs for the blood tests etc, Thank you .

started by: Perwillar · last update: 1415619311 · posted: 1415562412

Hello I am new on the eisland and i am looking for a doctor/endo who is possitive about T3 thyroid medication. also i am pregnant and look for a doctor/gyno/endo who can help me specifically in regards to thyroid disease and pregnancy-what to look out for? and special needs treatments with my disease

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