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Felt I had to comment on a posting on this site by billy boy 1 regarding a physiotherapist called Nikolas Omirou in Paphos, and in particular a treatment called Tecar.   Just a couple of words - this works! Thanks billy boy for giving me mylife back.  I am a dog groomer and through my work I contracted tendon problems in my right arm.(Tennis elbow they said).  I had 9 weeks of absolute agony, and underwent examinations, X rays etc through both the cyprus state system and privately.  This simply resulted in pain killers and rest.  I had to stop working and also had difficulty in driving and doing even simple tasks around the house.   The pain was intense and life totally miserable. I have now undergone nearly 4 weeks physio with Nikolas and the problem has gone - and I have started work again.  He has also given me valuable advice on my working posture and methods.  The cost was surprisingly reasonable. Thanks again billy boy 1.    (Nikolas can be contacted on 99559271)          

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Hi everybody I am looking for a good gastroenterolog in Paphos area , please recommend one if you know thanks

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Morning Folks,, we are a family of 3 and we are moving across next year to live in Cyprus. can anyone help us with information about the healthcare system please. am I right in thinking that we have no choice but to go private,, or can we acess healthcare cos of him working in the UK for way over 36yrs? I read a lot about E forms, but cannot find answers,, I read that an E106 form says we can get healthcare if living in Cyprus! It's all very confusing and something we are not able to find out much about. the other thing I'd like to ask is, if public or private healthcare differs,, how many of you folks use which one and why,many experiences. my son is autistic so if he is poorly ,, waiting is not a good thing for for,, does being private get you seen sooner in the queuing system?  Sorry if that sounds really anal but he does have serious issues if he has to wait he just doesn't understand and can't cope look forward to hearing any info any of you have, thanks in advance 

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Hi everyone! i live near four season and I would like to find someone to join me for evening walks or to start a gym or yoga classes or anything that would get me fitter. :) if u need a buddy please let me know eva 99611486 thanks  

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hi all i am having teeth extracted to make way for dentures, but the last tooth, number 12 is not willing to come out, i need some top advice of what i can do to get this last tooth out, simon

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Bran for figure and health!For many of us, the question arises: what is the bran and what they eat? And most importantly: why do they eat? The remarkable properties of bran known since ancient times. Rye bran in its composition contains 12 vitamins, 21 amino acids and 18 macrocell, the whole group of vitamins B,  A and E. Healthy nervous system, as well as digestive tract organs, our muscles and heart with blood vessels are in direct proportion to the B vitamins. Rich a set of micro and macroelements, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iodine, selenium, chromium. Bran, the most valuable source of fiber, ie dietary fiber, which work as a brush for the intestines. Bran:1. reduce cholesterol 2. regulate the body's metabolism 3. is used as a remedy for dysfunction of the pancreas, liver and gall bladder 4. treatment of atherosclerosis, diabetes and anemia 5. reduced blood pressure 6. reduce blood sugar level 7. improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system 8. treatment of cancer (cancer of the colon, etc.).9. lower the level of glucose in the blood - it allows people with diabetes to take much less medication 10. help with bronchitis and colds 11. treatment of atherosclerosis 12. treatment of diabetes and anemia 13. improve the condition of nails, hair, skin 14. improves digestion 15. unique thing throw-weight 16. Children older than 1 year is useful to give soups or porridge, mixed with bran 17. perfect cosmeticBran diet!Rye bran can be consumed with juice, yogurt, water, yogurt, cottage cheese, all that you love! Great additive to foods and ready meals. For example, you can add bran to the dough or stuffing in porridge, soup, vegetable dishes and salads, jellies, compotes, cocktails. For maximum effect, this product is important to use 3 times a day for half an hour before meals. Daily requirement - 25-30 g. Tel. 99710504

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Hello,   I was wondering if anyone would be interested in weekly (or 2x a week) pilates classes in small groups or even privately?   I am a UK qualified fitness instructor and am just thinking of setting up something that benefits the community, so would like to know if people would be interested and how much they'd be willing to contribute. Any other ideas are very welcome!!   Based around Paphos area.   Looking forward to hearing from you - please share if you know an existing community that would benefit from it, or have any other ideas at all.  

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Hello Can anyone tell me where my husband can have his ears syringed privately in Paphos, the waiting list at the General is too long and he doesn't want ear candling He's driving me crazy!

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Can anyone please recommend a good cosmetic surgeon to perform rhinoplasty (nose reshaping). Thanks

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Hello;   I am just wondering if anybody knows what time the old hospital in limassol opens and closes for blood tests?    Thank you :)

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Just wanted to let people know about a Physiotherapist in Paphos that specialises in a treatment called Tecar.  I am not going to even try to tell you how Tecar works, as I do not think my explanation would do it justice so please find a link to a website to watch at the end of this passage. The Physiotherapist is called Nikolas Omirou and can be contacted on 99 55 92 71. Nikolas is a lovely guy and makes you feel at ease during the treatment.  He is very knowledgeable (as you would expect) but if his treatment wouldn't be beneficial to you, he will tell you.  In my opinion he wouldn't even think of taking money off you for if he didn't think his treatment could work. I have had a problem with my knee, that spread to my hip plus I've also had a back problem from an accident over 18 years ago, which Doctors in the UK said couldn't be treated and I would have to live with the pain. My knee problem caused me pain and I have been bent over double in pain with my hip, using this procedure I can tell a big difference and have started to see results - I am still having treatment but know that his treatment is working and cannot praise Nickolas or the Tecar procedure enough.  After all these years I have got used to the pain in my back and know what to do and how far I can push it before the pain gets too much but Nikolas said he thought he could also sort that and after a few sessions it is already easier - so I never had to put up with all those years of pain.  Obviously after being that way for over 18 years it hasn't got easier in one session. My husband has also had treatment - he thought the problem came from his hip, he had difficulty moving without pain and also sleeping.   We have very physical jobs and thought that the work, plus our ages (just in our 50s) might be taking their toll on our bodies.  My husband had treatment and Nikolas found the problem was with his back not his hip, the pain radiated to his hip.   Nikolas also specialises in another technique called Redcord Neurac treatment, which is a treatment method for acute musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction - from my own explanation, this re-trains your body to use the correct muscles - he felt a difference with using that and is now pain free. So for anyone that has a pain, has put it with it for years because they thought nothing could be done, I would suggest they give Nikolas a ring to see what he says and he will give you the correct explanation of his treatment - we can't praise him highly enough. The cost of the treatment is less than a standard massage, excellent rates for the high and latest technology in this specialist field. http://www.humantecar.eu/en/human-tecar-applications/human-tecar-as-a-complement-to-manual-physiotherapy-in-the-treatment-of-circulatory-deficits-and-lymphedema   http://www.humantecar.eu/en/references/human-tecar-technology-debuts-in-specialised-physiotherapy-centres

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Hi does anyone have a portable massage table for sale or know where I can buy one 

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Hello all, May someone recommend to me a doctor/gynecologist that does smear tests in Limassol?  Thanks! :)

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Hi.  Not sure if anyone can help with this one but we are not sure where else to try. My other half's mum has been living out in Cyprus for about 15years.  She has cancer and has recently been in hospital but is due to be getting out soon to go home until the docs can treat her fully.  Obviously, all the family back in UK would like her to come back so she can be looked after and be close to us all.  This is where we need some advice. With her being in such poor health, would the airlines allow her to fly i.e. she probably would not be able to get travel insurance to cover her so the airline wouldn't want to accept responsibility?  If she is not able to fly home on a regular flight, would we be better looking into repatriation services for her to be flown home accompanied by medical personnel?   If the medical repatriation service is the way to go, can anyone give us an idea of how much this might be, flight from Cyprus to London (any airport)? Any help or info would be much appreciated as none of us know what the best course of action to take is.  Many thanks

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Hi guys. I am new to Cyprus and in the process of getting some documents for the yellow slip (as self employed). I am looking for a reasonably priced Health/Medical Insurer here in Limassol (for myself, my pregnant wife and 6 year old son). Any suggestion would be much appreciated.

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As a qualified acupuncturist (BAAS) ,I am hoping to start up a small clinic say a half day a week initially catering for around 10 patients, suffring from Chronic Pain conditions. This would be run from our local Health Centre for  a fee to me & a referrel fee to them for finding me the work. Is there anything like this being done in the Peyia/ Pathos region at present ? Do you think there would be a demand for this kind of alternative therapy ? Regards Helen Dundas R.G.N.Dip. Ophth.  

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Hi, Looking for a recommendation for a dermatologist in Paphos please with idiot proof guide to where they are placed! Thanks

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any one know very good doctor specalized in root canal?i live in nicosia, and who know avery good teeth  doctor in nicosia?

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Does anyone know of an English physchiatrist in Cyprus

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Hi, can anyone advice me a good, NOT VERY EXPENSIVE health insurance for 3 members family? We are Cyprus residents and we have 6years old child.  Thanks

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