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To all you guys out there that are good at web design: I am starting an e-project which needs a website. I need someone to create a website for me and eventually update it afterwards. It does not matter in which language the site is built. I ll take offers Contact me on my e-mail including a link to your previous work with adding your expected payment which is negotiatable. E-mail: havaeca@gmail.com

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Hi.Can anyone recommend a fitter of fly screens in the Limassol district.  I recently telephoned K.D. Flyscreens but found the person I spoke to quite nonchalant.Thanks in advance.  Andy

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Looking for whoever knows OR can do Rapairs on the aboveI live in the Famagusta Area

started by: elvalle · last update: 1550962918 · posted: 1517051771

Hi, does anyone know where I can buy refrigeration gas? or recommend someone near Pissouri who can regas some A/C units?Thanks

started by: elvalle · last update: 1550962918 · posted: 1517040135

Hi,Does anyone know a good A/C repair guy in the Pissouri area or somewhere I can buy refrigerant gas myself? I am looking for 410A or 404A gas if anyone has any information please drop me a line. Thanks Rob

started by: JeffH-931466 · last update: 1524065464 · posted: 1524065464

Hi,  would appreciate recommendation for a company that ships a couple of small packages from Cyprus to UK.  Thanks

started by: KolossiMax · last update: 1523451371 · posted: 1305746212

I'd like to grow my own rhubarb. Does anyone know if it grows well here (I have very good soil). If so does anyone then know where I can get a crown or a cutting from one or what it's called in Greek so I can ask my local garden centre? There, now that's more interesting than second hand sofa's now isn't it? Kolossi based, but occasionally trot out to Paphos.

started by: barbara101-741998 · last update: 1521644932 · posted: 1521644932

Looking for the above item to buy. 

started by: phil_emery · last update: 1521386532 · posted: 1521386532

HiI have a property in Argaka and I am trying to find a company or person that carries out cleaning in the area.Does anyone have any recommendations.ThanksPhil

started by: Clemence-Berger-879587 · last update: 1521035397 · posted: 1521035397

Hi there,Our time in Cyprus is coming to an end, and we are selling some furniture items. Please get in touch if interested, we are leaving on Monday, and are a bit desperate! Thanks,Ben and ClemenceDining table setVintage chair + Large clock + Big candle holderAdjustable barbecue, motor included

started by: Reem-Maghribi-924066 · last update: 1521030047 · posted: 1520245539

We're planning on moving to Cyprus this summer. We'll be spending the Easter vacation during which we'll be visiting a couple of schools and deciding whether Larnaca or Limassol is right for us.We'd like to check out apartment for rent as well during this time. Apartments through agents come and go quickly it seems, so we'd like to hear from any expats who know they'll be leaving this summer and would be willing for us to check out their apartment during the Easter vacation.We're looking for a place within walking distance (max 20 mins walk) of the sea. All other criteria are negotiable.If you'd like to send advice regarding the pros an cons or Larnaca vs Limassol, I'd be happy to read that too.thank you

started by: isamar · last update: 1520857688 · posted: 1520857688

Hello, I am looking for a reliable house cleaner in Larnaca

started by: ticex · last update: 1517838252 · posted: 1309871504

Hi, I've currently got Cyta's fixed line and 8MB netrunner service all up and running for over a year and the service seems to be very reliable. However I'm tempted to switch over to Primetel or MTN Fixed (ex OTEnet I think) as they both cost far less than the Cyta charges and are available in my area. My only concern are stories I've heard about Primetel's connection being rather unreliable/slow since they did the "double speed" upgrade and not being able to find any reports with regard to MTN's fixed service. Many people have told me Cyta is the only reliable provider?! Is it a case of better the devil you know and sticking with Cyta or are my concerns unfounded? I'd really appreciate hearing any users opinions about Primetel or MTN Fixed :-) Thanks in advance! Michael

started by: Paul-Wilders-921432 · last update: 1517689959 · posted: 1517689959

started by: lib57 · last update: 1517644230 · posted: 1517299816

Hello thereCan anyone recommend someone/company who can recover dining chairs - the seats need some work  Preferably in the Paphos area.  Also looking for someone/company that cleans mattresses again in the Paphos areaThanks

started by: pc49-661910 · last update: 1517144074 · posted: 1517144074

Hi, I  have a 1 x meter square area of damage on a textured ceiling , I have repaired it but now need to apply a textured cover (Orange Peel Effect) to the area before painting. I see on the internet that  there are many manufacturers that make aerosol cans of various texture finishes , but not sure I can get it in Cyprus (Larnaca area) can anyone please help? Regards PC 49   

started by: debbie-marven-854436 · last update: 1516214174 · posted: 1516214174

Ant recommendations  please , I wont to pave my small garden  , i need a  cheap supplier in Paphos . Thankyou in advance .

started by: glittergirl147 · last update: 1515782944 · posted: 1515775253

Came home today to find that TV system we subscribed to has been cut.  Believe this to be 'dreambox' system.  Those who run system have been arrested for running illegal system.    Friends of ours still have their TV systems which have been supplied by other companies.  Does it mean these will be cut too.  If system illegal, I for one would prefer to pay more and have TV system than loose all.  

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