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Hi all,I was wondering if anyone could recommend any shops in and around Polis and Paphos to buy a decent (mid range price)three seater sofa bed and what they think the approximate cost would be?My tenant was asking me about it and so was just wondering if anyone could recommend any decent stores?Thanks in advance for your assistance.Kind regards,Tom

started by: marie-elissa · last update: 1612280074 · posted: 1379855248

Hi, I am trying to find a tree surgeon in the Larnaca area who can give a report on any possible root damage to a neighbours property by trees I have had removed on my property. Thank you  

started by: alby-664765 · last update: 1607779528 · posted: 1341949752

If you have an h20 steam mop would you recommend it ??

started by: greenzak · last update: 1605530508 · posted: 1317507741

HI, Does anybody know where can I bring my carpet for cleaning in Limassol?the approx. size is 1.5mtrs x 2mtrsthanks

started by: holly-668269 · last update: 1605107620 · posted: 1351862995

Can anyone recomend a upholstery cleaner Paphos for the cleaning of 2 3 seater velour sofas, pref in house cleaning.

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I am considering purchasing an old vineyard of  3,000 SqM. The stems of the old vines are thick typically 8-10cm thick. What is the most economical way of cleaning this sizeable parcel of land reading for replanting with various citrus trees? Do I bring in a local contract farmer? The land looks similar to this:  Thanks.

started by: Angela-Walker-974970 · last update: 1604306304 · posted: 1603746319

I recently heard that it is not possible to build on agricultural land is this true? I was always under the impression that the building/coverage percentage was applicable but have been informed that no buildings are now approved on agricultural land. 

started by: lizzyp-716893 · last update: 1601135060 · posted: 1392887996

Dose anyone know where i can get a mattress steam cleaned, Larnaca / Limassol area.  thanks.    Liz.

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I live in LCA. Does anyone know what the law is in regard to the height of walls? I have a 6 ft wall at the end of my garden, I added another 3 feet of wooden fence as the properties at the back are higher than mine and have huge dog cages stuck on my property. The stink it unbearable. Of course the municipality went to check and said everything is fine. 

started by: Roger-Sidebotham-949914 · last update: 1598957724 · posted: 1593722430

We are looking for local builders, tradesmen to do a renovation on our property in Limsssol. Any recommendations. Thanks.

started by: Moffatito · last update: 1597872331 · posted: 1463384179

Looking for recommendations for an interior renovations company to work in an appartment that my wife and I have just bought.Personal recommendations welcome.Thanks

started by: Andrew-Charalambous-963574 · last update: 1597781881 · posted: 1592224310

Having my house built by private builders and not buying from developers or agents, do I need permission to have a shed built on private land, that is NOT connecting to the building its self? Using it for an hobby

started by: Bosko-444416 · last update: 1589920205 · posted: 1408302268

We have a 6000sqm plot of land that we would like to divide in two to sell on. The plot is in a rural location just outside a village and as it's on a corner each plot could have its own access. Has anyone else done this and if so, what is involved, both from a practical and legal point of view?    Thanks in advance.

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Hi can ayone tell me how sucessful the property auctions are? and do properties fetch a reasonable price. W.

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Does anyone have experience of using an organisation trading under the internet name of 'uktvcyprus.co.uk'.  They were advertising a system of getting uk stations using IPTV (internet protocol television). We signed up with them in august and got a set top box  which connected to the cyta modem and the tv. With this we got uk BBC and ITV channels plus others. Now the system is not working very well and the providers are now introducing a new box (€ 120 extra) which is supposed to overcome the problems with the system we signed up for. Has anyone been involved with this company and got any experience with the new box. We are apprehensive of paying out further funds if there is not improvement.

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Hello everyone. My gas hob won't turn on recently and I don't know who to contact to come and possibly repair it. 2 out of the 4 work but the others don't seem to turn on! Anybody have someone in Limassol that could come check it out please? 

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Anyone used NetFlash internet provider , most grateful for reviews.

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Hi we are building a house and want to have a pool. We have been told by the architect it is law we can only have a depth of 1.4m. This seems very shallow especially with a skimmer pool where we have to deduct 20cm from the top of the pool.I spoke to a pool company and they said this law only applies to communal pools. Does anyone know who is correct? Is there a maximum depth for private pools?thank you

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Hi,  would appreciate recommendation for a company that ships a couple of small packages from Cyprus to UK.  Thanks

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Looking for a lady for front and backyard cleaning 

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