Building on agricultural land

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I recently heard that it is not possible to build on agricultural land is this true? I was always under the impression that the building/coverage percentage was applicable but have been informed that no buildings are now approved on agricultural land. 

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Angela, I am looking to do the same and from what I have learned from a local and experienced estate agent it is now very difficult to build on zones Z1 or Z3 Protection zoned land. The current zoning is I believe on the title deed copy but you need to cross-check with the district or municipality's land office as of course zoning changes.  You will I believe have an easier time with zone G3 agricultural land which is what you should be looking for. Saying all this if you intend to establish some kind of farming enterprise on the land you may be able to apply for farm building permit and if with animals then IMO you would be able to make a good case to build a dwelling. This is all conjecture and I am no expert. I wish I could find someone to cut through this minefield.

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