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Hi We were just wondering if anyone can recommend Steptoes Furniture Shop in Paphos. Thanks

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Hi Jackie,

Below was my reply to someone else who was asking about Steptoes. (See post called "Furniture packages" under the "General" Forum

We have just spent a 10days in Cyprus furnishing our house in Larnaca. I thoroughly recommend Steptoes. We travelled from Larnaca to Paphos and were not disappointed with their products. Bought 3 beds, 2 settee's, bedside tables, kitchen table and chairs and garden table and chairs. All reasonably priced when you compare them with other furniture stores on the island. Delivered to larnaca, unpacked and assembled all the beds and took the rubbish away with them. Bought all our white goods from a firm called Electroline in Larnaca, but they also have branches in Paphos, Nicosia & Limassol. If you are buying a few items at the same time always ask for a discount, you will be amazed as to how much they will knock off. We took over with us items like sheets, towels and duvets as they are very expensive in Cyprus. We also found that curtains are silly money, so these we will bring from the Uk on our next trip.

Enjoy your shopping trip, shop around and haggle. If you don't ask you don't get.


maryb-661834 1171321105


We recently furnished our two bed town house in Paphos and bought everything, including white goods package from Steptoes. We are delighted with both the service we received and the excellent quality of the items we purchased.

All items were delivered the day after they were ordered and were assembled by the delivery men who also removed all packaging and were very pleasant.

We returned to Paphos last week and purchased garden furniture from Steptoes. We are again very happy with the goods and service we received.

Hope this helps,

Mary B

jackie-662624 1171817982

Thank you both for your replies but unfortunately they came a bit late as we have just come back from Larnaca and already have some furniture from other shops, we enjoyed looking around and you are right furniture can be very expensive and also bedding and curtains can be expensive too.

Best wishes


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