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Hi Allhubby and i are coming out to furnish our new 3 bed house in a weeks time. we have been recommended a company called Steptoes in Paphos who seem very helpful, can deliver within 2 days and are very reasonably priced. Can anyone offer any advice on where we can get reasonably priced electrical goods, tv, dvd player, kettle etc also where we can get soft furnishings, like bedding, towels, curtains / curtain poles (just cheap and cheerful required) we will be in the Limassol area but dont mind driving, a good excuse to see the island!many thanks for any help

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Ian Bryce 1169972977

Steptoes!! MMMM!, I'll reserve judgement. DALCO who are on the site are as good as you will get for electrical goods. There are a lot of cheap places but the quality and longevity of the products are naff.

banjo-660396 1169979331

I would certainly recommend "Venus Home Collection" in Paphos. We bought everything for our house there, and also found the service "first class".

It's a family run business, just man and wife, friendly and very helpful.

If it's not in stock, and that's for anything, it can be got for you.

see the website here >>


achilleas 1169993437

There are literally hundreds of places for you to choose from - different prices for different qualities.

andycosta 1170377194

Hi Hunneypie, We have just spent a 10days in Cyprus furnishing our house in Larnaca. I thoroughly recommend Steptoes. We travelled from Larnaca to Paphos and were not disappointed with their products. Bought 3 beds, 2 settee's, bedside tables, kitchen table and chairs and garden table and chairs. All reasonably priced when you compare them with other furniture stores on the island. Delivered to larnaca, unpacked and assembled all the beds and took the rubbish away with them. Bought all our white goods from a firm called Electroline in Larnaca, but they also have branches in Paphos, Nicosia & Limassol. If you are buying a few items at the same time always ask for a discount, you will be amazed as to how much they will knock off. We took over with us items like sheets, towels and duvets as they are very expensive in Cyprus. We also found that curtains are silly money, so these we will bring from the Uk on our next trip.

Enjoy your shopping trip, shop around and haggle. If you don't ask you don't get.


expat-660712 1170417944

For Electrical goods there is a compnay called Scandia which has branches in all the towns, good brands and reasonable prices.

Hunneypie 1170422995

Hi Andy

many thanks for your reply, most helpful and reassuring. We are pretty sure we will go with Steptoes, Did you manage to get everything done in the time you were in Cyprus? We are there for a week. Where did you get kitchen stuff from, i.e. plates, cuttlery, ironing board, etc etc does anywhere do a kitchen package?

Do Electroline install as well?

thanks for your time

andycosta 1170435052


We arrived in Cyprus late on a Thursday afternoon. Started 1st thing Friday morning and by Saturday afternoon we have purchased all the major items we wanted, even had a few days of doing nothing, so yes we did manage to get everything done.

Electroline do install, they connected up the gas cooker , they plumbed in the washing machine and tested it, they even unpacked and plugged in the microwave. Shock to the system when you compare it to how things are done in the UK.

All the kitchen stuff we got from various large supermarkets such as Orphanides & Carrefour. We planned our trip to coincided with the January sales, so lots of bargains to be had. Orphanides did a kettle/toaster& coffee maker package for £15 all working well and not bad quality.

As for kitchen packages you can get a far better deal by going to one of the many electrical shops such as Electroline or Dalco. Remember always ask for a discount.


Skelly-660223 1170436061

Try the Rug Centre in Paphos for curtains blinds (and beds). Have special packages aimed at new homes. Tel 26939721

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