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Hiya, Does anyone know why all of a sudden I am getting when I always had It is driving me mad as always has to translate to English which takes a while. I have tried deleting and re-installing, setting as my home page but it appears to be an automatic reidirection.   Lynn West

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souvla1 1360600531

Google know reads your IP address and knows where you are and opens the local page, load google uk and create a short cut to your desk top,

lynn4213-665012 1360600719

thanks for that i will give it a try.


davidogden 1360663614

Google are attepting to provide you will more relative local information when you search so if you logon from cyprus you will find both more local advertisers and information yopu also have option in some countires to change the language.

I personally find it quite useful but you can always change it.




luvcyprus 1360700476

Set your homepage to this will work.

Steve_Cyprus 1360929419

look at the bottom righ of the window and you'll see Click on that and you'll be taken there.


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