Ikea in Cyprus??

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I have heard that Ikea will be opening a store near Nicosia this year. Does anyone know if this is correct?. Soon I'll have a 3 bed apt. to furnish and love em or hate em Ikea are certainly cost effective.


Ancient History 1139292740


Yes, according to the email I was sent by them last October, they will be opening in Nicosia in November 2006.  I'm looking forward to it!


achilleas 1139300240

One good thing is that they [IKEA] will help lower some of the other prices.


Paul Kemp 1143060731

I received an email from Fourlis on the 15th Mar 2006 to say the IKEA opening is due first half 2007. Does anyone have another date?


MariaEph320 1143065152

The following is taken from the Financial Mirror on 28/9/05

"The first and probably only IKEA store, taking up 20,000 sq.m., will open within the Shacolas-operated shopping mall on the outskirts of Nicosia just off the Limassol highway, that will be ready by 2007 or early 2008."


jennyj-661202 1151449517

Hi , I too have an apartment to furnish early next year, do you have any up to date info on when Ikea is likely to open in Nicosia

MariaEph320 1151666295

Hi Jenny,

I've recently heard that it may be opening this Autumn. Don't raise your hopes though!!!


logie-661232 1152053323

found Anglo info as I was looking for a forum to ask advice of buying furniture in Cyprus. I have bought a house for rental and looking for advice on good priced Ikea style, so far I am finding stuff in Cyprus expensive. I get my house March next year, will Ikea be open, if not does anybody have any advice of a good place to shop


lukx 1156951658

I'm also really interested when IKEA will be opened in Cyprus.

I don't get it. There's something wrong with my salary or people live on the floor :)


kelvin-661626 1158015794

Hi I have just bought a house in Kitti in cyprus and as most of you are looking to buy furniture for it.

After searching the net and not finding any concrete info of when the ikea in Nicosia Cyprus may open I decided to email customer services at ikea's Greek branch.

This is the email which I received which I hope will help everyone wishing to no when ikea may be open.

Dear Mr Thompson,


Thank you for your interest in our stores.


We would like to inform you that it is in our plans to open an IKEA store in spring 2007, in Nicosia.

Unfortunately, we do not have the exact opening date yet.


I’m at your disposal for any further information.


Best regards


Eleni Polykarpou

Marketing Department




Graham S 1158164147

Just to join in the general enthusiasm, I have a kitchen to fit from scratch in the new year, and prices for cabinet carcases & doors in Cyprus are just plain ridiculous!  I just hope they're up and running as early as possible - for instance, a well-known supplier in Paphos wanted to charge me £36CY for a 30cm wide cupboard frame in chipboard; IKEA do the same size in a foil-covered board superior to chipboard at £12 Sterling!! Otherwise it's a few sheets of blockboard and a circular saw........

lorraine-661143 1158275847

No mention of any Ikea store being opened in Cyprus is listed on the Ikea website. It gives countries and dates up to the middle of next year. Would have thought any store openings would heve been listed there. I hope the information on the web is wrong, Cyprus could be doing with some half decent hot dogs!!

Have a good one!

logie-661232 1159218325

great to get this e-mail. just back from Cyprus and just cant get over the prices for furniture. My house is due to be finished in March, I am going to try and hold off buying anything  to see what happens in spring



dutchpaul 1160031466

Hi all, having started this discussion some time ago its nice to finally have some definitive news. I must say a hell of a lot of people have viewed this link so I might just go and buy some Ikea shares. Anyway, I digress, the news is that Ikea will open in Q2 2007 at the Shacolas retail park in Nicosia. Maps and details available at the following weblink http://www.woolworthgroup.com.cy/ittl.html

Happy shopping

Kind regards


logie-661232 1165009204

Noticed there has not been any news on this posting for some time. I am at the stage where I need to start buying furniture for my house.Does anybody have any more news on when Ikea might be opening,or how I can find out.



cyprusboy 1169483661

Went to Cyprus for xmas and noticed with great excitement some yellow-blue IKEA notices while driving past their planned site in Nicosia.
The notice said Opening in March 2007. We are going over again in April. Hope its open.
We have furnished most of our cyprus house with IKEA stuff which we had shipped over. Everyone loves it. Its good quality and solid and so cheap (compared to local stuff)

Fingers crossed.

coming home

logie-661232 1169500776

This is great news. Our house should be finished in April and I plan to come across in May to furnish it, so will be doing this in Ikea. Just need to find out about hiring vans in Cyprus now.


cyprusboy 1170685394

Hi Jane. If you find a van rental company i'd like to hear about it. Everyone seems to hire just cars. If anyone else knows please give us some details.

mitzi-663321 1175280161

Would love Ikea in Nicosia to be opened before we take over our apartment this summer but we are fearful? Got the feeling it wont be ready. Not usually pessimistic but........ Any advice about shipping Ikea furniture out? What is the best/cheapest way? Would love to hear from you who have experience!!



Kapparis Marion 1175282853

Hi Towser

We live in Brum and used M&S Shipping in Romford. We bought a load of loose stuff eg saucepans, towels, pillows and linens from Dunelm and took them down to the depot. Then went to Ikea at Lakeside and got them to deliver to the depot.

It all got loaded up onto its own pallet except the sofas which went loose.

Shipping cost about GBP450, I think, delivered to our place in Cyprus. We bought the beds/mattresses locally.

HTH, Marion

achilleas 1175293103

Please excuse my ignorance for not living near an IKEA when I was in the UK ... but what is the fascination that people living in the UK seem to have with IKEA?

Dooley 1175347257

Because they offer well-designed, durable products at reasonable prices.

rainlady 1176587345

My granddaughters school in Larnaca have sent notes home saying that Ikea is opening in June and thay are hoping to have a trip there for the mothers. We went to a office in Larnaca and ordered all our furniture from the current Argos catalogue we had to pay 15% on top of the price and the price in the catalogue we had to pay in Cyprus pounds, it was worth it as household items are very expensive. My large furniture items took 5 weeks to arrive although they say between 6-8 weeks. I have now ordered another load for all the odds and ends I forgot the first time round. Also there is a Marks & Spencer's home store just as you get into Nicosia. Hope this helps anyone and if anyone wants the address of the Argos office I can find out for them. Happy shopping.


achilleas 1176588595

IKEA building is coming along, and they have started advertising for jobs in the local press.

MARIA-BOB 1176647380

I checked on IKEA webiste & there still isnt an opening date, even though it was said in previous posts its due for Spring '07. I would like to apply for work there but does anyone have any idea who I should contact?

MARIA-BOB 1176647950

Great news for IKEA fans!!!

IKEA Nicosia is opening in JUNE 2007 confirmed on website.


expat-660712 1176715477

Dear All,

You will be delighted to know that IKEA's planned opening is at the end of June 2007, yes in 2.5 months time!


K Ludlam 1181476044

IKEA Website now shows opening of Nicosia branch for September 2007.

Josephine-Beth 1181492806

I wouldn't count on the end of June, the place hasn't been finished with construction yet!

It's good though, not only is Ikea being opened but this will also be a major shopping mall! With a lot of decent clothes lines from the USA, Europe and the UK! Can't wait.

It's only just outside Latsia, on the round about coming from Nicosia to the New Genral Hospital (on your right just before the hospital)

MARIA-BOB 1181508010


Dear Ikea fans,

Here is a link to the IKEA website which states that the opening date in Nicosia, Cyprus is now September 2007

hunnibee 1183979526

Boohoo!! Come on IKEA!!! It looks like your losing some serious money here!!! We want to spend spend spend!!!!

My mum and I have been granted some cash to spend off our partners....no cards allowed though lol!!!!!

Hurry up IKEA!

hunnibee x x x

maribob 1183985333

LOL!!! My hubbie has given me an IKEA money box fund!! Can you imagine going to pay with a bag full of coins?!! lol!!! Like a child going to the sweet shop!! Are we sad? Nah!!!

Cheer2555 1184058802

I was told there was a place to view the catalogue online for cyprus with actual prices. Is this true? Where might I find it?

Cheer2555 1184150562

Isn't this catalogue in sterling? I was told there was one in the cyprus pound with actual pieces that would be in the store in Nicosia.

maribob 1184165112

Interesting..... Havent come across it, but will check & get back to you.....

logie-661232 1184168557

about two months ago there was Cyprus link on the Ikea home page, where you could view a Cypriot version of the catalogue. Does not seem to be there. Don't know why. Do we have an opening date yet. I am coming over for first two weeks in September and really want to buy bits and pieces for my house.


janet gosling 1184230879

Hi. YES IKEA is coming. It will open in Nicosia on 5 September!

maribob 1184239782

Dear Logie & Cheer2555,

I had a look on website & also couldnt find a link to view cyp catalogue. Will keep checking.

TIP: What I tend to do is look at the Greece one, (as apparently its the same franchise company) & then convert the EURO prices to Cypriot which gives me an approximate idea.

But hey.... roll on September!!!


Cheer2555 1184795552

I just heard the other day that Ikea will now not be opening until November. I heard that they have not even got product shipped yet! Can anyone else confirm this?

annazenonos 1184822811

good news!!!! :)

i was also thinking why Ikea is not yet in cyprus, some elegant furniture needed:)

maribob 1185355124

I got a nice surprise when I came home from work yesterday - waiting for me on my doormat was the Ikea catalogue - for Cyprus!! With it a short letter stating that 5th September WILL be the opening date.

Jem1980 1185357001


where did you order your catalogue from?


maribob 1185367834

They are being delivered free & in a tiny carrier bag!! (I presume every household will have one shortly). My whole block has a copy (Larnaca, Makenzie) & so do the surrounding blocks or so i have been told.

anna-sh 1185368506


we also got the free catologue but if you notice the prices are until the end of august!!!!!!!!!

ikea is now going to open on the 6th sept read it in the paper, they have a small delay!

does this also mean the shopping mall will be open ?


sjwill56 1185548573

‘We’re all ready to open – just give us an extra day’
By Brittany Ryan and Kareem Yasin

[...IMAGE...] THE CYPRUS branch of international low-cost furniture store IKEA will open in Nicosia on September 6 – one day later than previously announced.

If the press conference is anything to go by, IKEA’s products will be modern, aesthetically pleasing and slightly difficult to assemble. Despite the user-friendliness boasted by the Swedish company, members of the media needed about 20 minutes to prepare a simple chair and others were not able to get a table up off the Hilton floor.

The official date was announced at an elaborate news conference yesterday. The island is one of three new European locations where IKEA is opening its doors to in 2007.

The budget retail furniture store will be located in the Shacolas Emporium Park in Latsia and will employ up to 500 people, said Voula Tsangarides, Communications & PR director of Marketway Advertising. Though it hasn’t even opened its doors, the store currently has 300 hundred employees.

As well as the 20,000m2 IKEA store, the park will also accommodate the highly anticipated ‘Mall of Cyprus’, food and clothing outlets, a cinema and two other retail buildings. As part of its philosophy, the store aims to be family-friendly offering a restaurant, play area and 800 parking spaces.

IKEA’s concept is to provide affordable and modern quality furniture that consumers put together themselves, though an optional delivery and assembly service will be available. The privately owned retailer, founded in Sweden in 1943, has already taken Western Europe and the US by storm. With stores in 35 countries, the company is an international household name. Half a billion consumers have visited IKEA’s 260 stores worldwide. It has opened two stores in Greece. Along with the 40 million euro Cyprus store, a second Athens branch is expected to open within the next year.

The Swedish furniture giant prides itself in its philosophy of “honest pricing.” “You do your part, we do our part and together we save money,” IKEA officials stated at yesterday’s news conference.

The IKEA brand maintains a fixed international consumer based policy ensuring that prices generally remain the same – and “as low as possible” – in all branches throughout the year, said Tsangarides.

She added that: “There might be a slight difference in some countries depending on taxes, transportation, etc. It is safe to say that the prices in Cyprus will be comparable with those in Greece.”

The Greece and Cyprus IKEA stores are owned by Greek franchise group Fourlis, the company’s president, Vassilis Fourlis, attended the new conference and will reportedly be at the Cyprus store’s opening.

sparkyken 1185995707

I have an Ikea brochure it is in Greek only and only priced in CYP .It should be in multi-languages and priced in CYP and Euros

achilleas 1186001615

Why should it be multi-language ... the ones in England are not, nor are they in any other country where IKEA operates.

Accept the fact that you are in a country where the official language is not English .. it's Greek. Why do English people keep insisting that everything in Cyprus must be in English. The majority (by far) of the people using IKEA will be Cypriots - they may well make the catalogue into English at some time (though i doubt it), but for the time being, the needs of the many out way the needs of the few.

Anyone not knowing English could not use IKEA, or many other shops in England, as that's the language that they will use.

I presume that the reasons why the catalogue is not in Euros is
a) they [the catalogues] will all be used up before Jan 1, 2008
b) they had to print and have them ready before the day the pound/euro ratio was finalised at 1.71
c) when it opens, in September, Euros will not be the official currency until Jan 1, 2008

logie-661232 1186047109

I have been logging on to this forum for sometime as I have bought a holiday house in Cyprus. I am shocked and at the attitude of some of the English people.

You are in Cyprus, if all things English why did you not stay in England.

Ikea is a Swedish company, think yourselves lucky the is not printed in Swedish.

Who reads it anyway, you just look at the pictures and prices.


P.S. I really hope Cyprus NEVER gets a Tesco

maribob 1186058878

Well said Logie & Achilleas.

Just wait for the opening day & enjoy the meatballs!!

annazenonos 1186418784

yea, that is weird

i mean, i know greek is the official lang, but even cypriot shops sometimes have brochures in greek and english and i can add, only english, in many occasions

the answer to your question maybe the fact that a greek businessman (who already operates greek ikea) is behind the cypriot one, and greeks are not very accustomed to the english language and culture as cypriots are

Alassa 1186587899

Just look at the pictures !

I haven't received mine yet as I have a PO Box so don't know if they will send there or not. I've downloaded the brochure as a PDF file from the site.

spud-662791 1187894899

Hi, if you want one printed in English, why not ask someone to bring one over when you get your next visitor.

maribob 1189268475

Ikea finally has opened in Nicosia!! Yippee!!

I was pleasantly surprised that I had no trouble finding a parking space, & there was hardly no traffic. Maybe this was because it was a week day. I dread to think what it might be like today (Saturday).

Loved the meatballs!

Brenmar-663711 1189272038

I wrote to Ikea to ask why the catalogue was only in Greek and this is the reply that I got.

"As you know, we are currently distributing the Maxi Brochure, which is in Greek and has a price validity until the end of September. Then, our big annual Catalogue will come, which will be in Greek again. For our first year of operation, we have decided to go only with the Greek language.

As we respect the British community in Cyprus, we are looking into an English version of the next Catalogue to be distributed in September 2008.

We are sorry for any problems that this might create and look forward to welcome you to our store."

As to why they should produce the brochure in English, that should have been an easy marketing decision. Expats form a very significant minority on the island and there are also many people from other countries who can understand English but not Greek.

All of the supermarket flyers are also in English, as are the road signs for heaven's sake, so producing the catalogue in two languages is hardly a major issue.

For the record I was born in Cyprus and I live in a Cypriot area. I am just realistic.

spud-662791 1189295093

Hi, we were avid Ikea buyers in the UK. We visited relatives in Vancouver last year, and the Ikea prices in Canadian $ roughly converted to the same price as Sterling. We then assumed that the prices were the same as in the UK.

Maybe, if we get friends and relatives to bring over UK brochures then that would give us an idea of what products are available and the approximate price. If that is not possible, then it's tough luck.

sjwill56 1189359273

Hi Spud... we have a UK Ikea catalogue in GBP and the prices are about equivalent (not taking into accoun the stronger currency in Cyprus that is).


Josephine-Beth 1189589487

The prices are around the same, give or take a few pound but that's due to exchange rates.

It's a great place, now I can go and buy things without being ripped off!

Flowerpower-660633 1189593958

You can view and download the brochure on the Ikea website.

sjwill56 1191191929

Just a word of caution if you have yet to go. As at the end of September 2007 they are pretty much "cleaned out" of many, many items. The show rooms are lovely of course - but lots of things are out of stock and they have no idea when individual items will be back in stock.

There are a lot of unhappy shoppers coming out of Ikea!

anna-sh 1191231429

There supposed to be having a delivary some time this week!

I hope so as am going this thursday!


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