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Please help, where can I buy the tubes you can put pictures in to keep them safe for transportation . 

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johnners-660966 1478001585

Hello Lynn,

We posted several A2 size pictures rolled up in a 2 inch section of white poly water pipe. Worked a treat as the plastic is strong and has some flexibility. It weighs about the same as the equivalent cardboard type tube. Short sections, better still off cuts, are really cheap at DIY stores (or free if discarded by your local plumber!)



Lynn-Payne -873353 1478006479

What a brilliant idea, many thanks for your help. just shows how helpful a site like this is. kind regards Johnners.

Gina-662460 1478554516

We've always used the cardboard tubes chucked out by the shops which sell fabrics (curtain, furnishing or dress fabrics etc) or wrapping paper by the metre.Costs nothing :-)

We've even saved (and taped together) the cardboard tubes from kitchen paper if we want something smaller :-)

Lynn-Payne -873353 1478556915

Hi Gina

Thank you for replying I will have a look around for the fabric tube's.  kind regards Lynn

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