plants to Cyprus?

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Hi! First post on here for me so here goes. I have read on AngloINFO that you can bring some plants into cyprus(when moving for instance) apart from some on an EU list, but this is not enlarged on. I have looked on other forums but none mention bringing plants to does anyone have any first hand experience or can confirm that this is indeed ok to do, as i am moving here soon and would love to bring some of my own favourite plants with me... Thanks Keith.

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Nigel Howarth 1170446340

Hi Keith,

The people living opposite me brought some favourite plants over in their suitcase, but most of them have died (the plants that is, not the people).

The Mediterranean climate is very hot and dry and plants that have evolved to survive in a temperate climate may not last too long.

What plants are you planning to bring over?


Nigel (aka EPHMH)

Devil-662132 1170494642

Don't try to bring cannabis!!!

In order to import plants that are not proscribed you a) have to obtain an import licence from the Ministry of Agriculture, b) obtain a recent phytosanitary certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture of the country of origin and any other country it has passed through and c) present those documents with the plants to Customs on their arrival.

I think there are also strict regulations as to the means of transport. For example, it is not possible to use postal services (or for meat, dairy products etc.)

Frankly, the best bet is to give them to a friend and buy some new favourites here.


hakuna matata-662694 1170506537

Thanks Nigel and Devil

Well the things i wanted to bring over are mainly plants that would thrive in the climate there...that i have grown and kept frost free in the uk. nigel i dont know if youve heard of angels trumpets? they grow in north Africa and are loosely related to the potato- huge scented flowers - sold in the UK..i have also got some seeds from these. Lillies! i love lillies so could bring bulbs purchased here, or pull the bulbs i have and transport them earth free. hardy Cyclamen that self seed in the UK-could bring them as corms/tubers. packets of cape flower seeds purchased in South Africa, and a bulb i have planted that i found in the Kalahari.....

Devil. where do i find a list of the plants proscribed? i would not want to bring anything into the country that is a banned plant/bulb. Apart from the cyclamen all other english/hardy plants are being given away or left in the garden when we sell up. basically i want to bring plants/bulbs that started off in Africa anyway....oh and a bit of cactus from the one i found in a skip on rhodes and now stands 6 ft tall in my greenhouse... thanks in anticipation. Keith.

hakuna matata-662694 1170506695

P.S. Devil my wife has worked in civilian administration for our local police force for 30 odd years, so NO cannabis!! lol

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