Plumber to connect Fridge water supply

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We purchased a HUGE fridge from the States designed for European standards (220V) but now are having problems finding a plumber who knows how to install the water supply to the fridge. Can anyone helps us - it is a Whirlpool side by side fridge. Demetra


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Hi there, I take it when you refer to water supply that the fridge has a water chiller built in that takes a mains water connection. If this is so you should not actually have much difficulty getting it connected possibly even by yourself. Firstly it will need to be fed from the main water supply and not the holding tank via a valved outlet. Next you will have to find out what connection type is used for the water supply. It may be the standard washing machine/ dish washer type which can be found in most DIY stores. Your documentation that comes with the fridge should state the type of connection. If not you will have to try and determine the type used. It could be an American fitting.
Any other question please ask.

Cheers Andreas

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Do you still need a plumber?


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