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Could anyone advise me on pot plants to go round my pool patio area? They would be pretty much in full sun for most of the day or under shade all day My pool man says he could water them once a week

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Hello Jane,

Watering pot plants once a week will not be sufficient in the summer months. We have to do ours, which are in full sun, everyday. The others, in the shade, can manage for tow or three of days without watering but anymore and they start to wilt too.

You didn't mention whether you get any breeze around the pool area. If you do then the plants will dry out even on the less sunny days as well. 

As for the best to plant... look at what thrive in nearby gardens. Ask for the names, or take a picture, and pop down to your nearest garden centre. We have some pot plants here in Kissonerga. A friend of ours in Polis tried to grow them in her garden with little success. Even the short [ish] distance between the two places can make a difference. 



Graham S 1490208669

I agree with Johnners - even up here in the Troodos, in summer, plants need to be watered every day. He's also right in his other piece of advice, exactly as he would be in any other geographical location; look at what's growing well in properties around yours, and consult your local garden centres. Cypriots, by and large, are enthusiastic and knowledgeable gardeners and will be only too pleased to advise you.


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I have ordered some watering globes from Amazon which drip water into the pots. So my pool man will water them and fill up the globes. will that work??

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