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I'd like to grow my own rhubarb. Does anyone know if it grows well here (I have very good soil). If so does anyone then know where I can get a crown or a cutting from one or what it's called in Greek so I can ask my local garden centre? There, now that's more interesting than second hand sofa's now isn't it? Kolossi based, but occasionally trot out to Paphos.

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Marina-665922 1305749022

Im also intrested to know that :)


KolossiMax 1305749284

Well I got some pictures (growing rhubarb, cut rhubarb and a rhubarb pie) and the word for rhubarb in Greek together on a page and have printed it off and I'm gonna try my little garden centre lady in Fassouri tomorrow. Send me an Email address and I'll send it to you and you can try asking around too. Don't think it can be grown from seed???

wildbird-704847 1305812827

The word for rhubarb is Ραβέντι pronounced Pavendi. Hope this helps


AndrewMoni 1305904864

If you google for "growing rhubarb from seed" you will find that it is definitely possible although there seems to be a discrepancy as to how long you must wait for the first crop. Lots of very good advice out on the web though about growing from seed, growing in sun or shade etc etc. (although the shade here may be more like the sun in UK!!!!!!) But you definitley do not HAVE to have the crown - just that you need a little more patience when growing from seed in the first instance.

KolossiMax 1305965869

Thanks Andy for all that research on my behalf, I feel very lazy and humble now. :)

AndrewMoni 1305994984

Lol @ kolossiMax - well just to rub it in even more ... try www.rhubarbinfo.com and www.rhubarbinfo.com/fromseed - I found these two when trying to locate a source for the seeds. I'm pretty confident it would not take much research to find a seed supplier who would ship to cyprus if you fail to find any seeds or crowns locally.

KolossiMax 1306073384

I've been to see my lady in Fassouri (Asomatos technically) and she says it won't grow in Cyprus, she gets English people asking for it quite a bit but she can't keep it alive here. And she, as far as I'm concerned, is the fount of all horticultural knowledge in Cyprus, if she can't get it going no-one can! So I have a new mission to find it in supermarkets fresh or frozen!

Craving Rhubarb crumble and custard


AndrewMoni 1306083861

I would have thought it would require a heavyish soil, controlled exposure to sunlight and loads of water - but cannot really see why it shouldn't be able to grow here - maybe you should get some seeds and start experimenting - there is a guy on the web who had loads of people responding to his quest for why he couldnt grow rhubarb - and neither could his family members - when everyone else around seemed to grow it with no problems ... so maybe the lady in the garden centre just doesn't have rhubarb fingers ..... see if M+S sell frozen rhubarb!!!

AndrewMoni 1306084170

.... and I just found this relating to a question from North Cyprus ... http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070326021201AA7f9zP so it should be possible here. It appears that a lot is grown in California so there is hope. I was a little wrong regarding the needs of the plant though .... so it is well worth researching how to do it in a warm climate - google for "grow rhubarb in a hot climate" and you will find loads of responses again ....

Wish you'd never asked the question - you'll have me growing the stuff soon too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stellaluna-664983 1306085263

I LOVE rhubarb - we always had it in our garden in Scotland - but NOT from seeds - no way. My mother brought some over years ago but we culdn't keep it alive in the intense climate.

stellaluna-664983 1306085423

... so, looking at that website, it originated in Siberia and needs frost - so maybe it would grow up in Troodos, which reminds me, there is a guy up there who grows organic raspberries (yum) and blueberries.. I buy kilos and freeze them.. must give him a call...

Nicola-660448 1306086744

You can buy fresh rhubarb here, it is usually in Lisiotis in episkopi and also in the large fruit market in Ayios Athanasios industrial estate.

KolossiMax 1306219422

Thanks everyone, who'd have thought rhubarb would generate such a response, lol. I'm off over Lysiotis this evening as I need a Greek teacher too and apparently their noticeboard is the best place to find one. Someone else told me abotu fruitopia in linopetra too, so I'm off over there this afty if I get an hour. Not a terribly green fingered sort so I think I'll give up on the growing bit, Rhubarb crowns in my memory just sat there, they weren't high maintenance!!
Cheers you lot, you are indeed the fount of all knowledge!


KolossiMax 1333149161

Fresh Rhubarb for sale in the Brand New Papantonio in Ypsonas

kantara 1333150042

we have had two crowns brought from the uk for us both last year and the year before but have had no success in keeping any of them growing unfortunately. we planted both lots in potting compost, maybe that was the wrong stuff and we should have tried some red soil. On a slightly different tack, where it the new Papantoniou in Ypsonas? the brochure stuck in our gate has a map on it but we cannot make any sense of that. we are in Erimi so it is not far from us.

KolossiMax 1333150439

As you drive along through Ypsonas, toward Limassol, there's a bank of Cyprus and a Pizza Hut on your left, a bit further on there's a biggish gift shop on the right (Michael's I think) that always seems to have fans standing outside come rain or shine. Opposite is a turning to the motorway, the Papa's is right there on the corner.

Anita Green 1335378968

hi i planted rubarb in january this year and have kept a watch each day for shoots but so far nothing has appeared.

ellie01 1523451370

I know all your messages about growing rhubarb are from quite awhile ago but I bought some rhubarb seeds from the UK & started them off in the house in stages of a couple of seeds a week, the first plant has been planted out for about 3 weeks now & is doing well in partial sun. I’m not saying the plants will survive the summer though but I will let you know.

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