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Can anyone give me info on septic tanks, a subject I know nothing about! My proposed house will not be on mains drainage in Limassol so I presume this is what I will need to have installed. Who puts them in, a plumber or a builder? and roughly how much are they? thanks, Kaz


bill&eva 1169093691

The septic tank will be part of the house build -- it's not something you have to put in afterwards like air con or central heating etc.

It's usually put in at the house foundation stage whilst the digger is there

Sorry can't advise you on the cost as it will be part of the build cost for the house.


kazzi-660835 1169122626

Thanks Bill, I will speak to the builders - I would ask the architect but he's like the scarlet pimpernel!! Kaz

parkhomescyprus 1169134265

Hi Kazzi,

THe septic tanks go in as the house is being built by your builder so the price will be in the cost of the house.

The actual cost of the prefab septic tank is actualy 150:00 +50:00 for the digger. The soakaway costs 25:00 ameter to be bored out and 25:00 for each concrete ring put in plus 25:00 for the top plate.

Hope this info is helpful to you.

Regards David

Nigel Howarth 1169152883

Hi Kaz,

As others have said, the septic tank & absorption column/soakaway is part of the basic build.

Your architect should also make provision to connect your property to the mains drainage when it arrives. Basically a sewer pipe from your sceptic tank to the kerbside.


Nigel (aka EPHMH)

kazzi-660835 1169165134

Many thanks David & Nigel, my quest to get my house built goes on.. and on.. and on....

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