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hi all. can i get any of the big 5 tv channels with a 2.7 mtr dish in limassol ??chris

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simonskyman 1168907622

Bbc and itv not guaranteed for 24 hours on 2.7m in most of Limassol.Ch4,5 and sky three are fine.Where abouts in Limassol are you?

buchanan-661575 1168936444

Hi, thanks, we are next to the zoo, behind La Mar.

bill&eva 1168943020

There are problems with channel 4 at the moment in Paphos and parts of Limassol .

Strangely the eastern side of the island is not affected


simonskyman 1169243252

Actually there have been many ch4 losses in Larnaca,including sky three and two,even some movies.I think many people with 2.4m dishes and less have the most problems.

Tony Paterson 1169285118

Sky have ben told by UK Government to reduce their signals to prevent illicit viewing in europe, we startd losing channels mid 06 and eventually gave up in Famagusta area, been told if we upgrade to 4.2 dish (£1500) it would be ok for a time but eventually will not be attainable anywhere in Cyprus?


itsonlyme-662593 1169312833

Slightly off subject this but, based on your user name have you any ideas where I might buy a wirelessTV link in the Larnaca area?


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