Sliding soil...Polemi and elsewhere

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Have you got subsidence problems...clay...landslide? A group of very concerned ex-pats has been lobbying about sliding soils for more than a year. CPAG are alerted and Greens MP George Perdikis (the only MP to assist on environmental issues) is taking the matter up with the appropriate Ministries. Landslides are a well known, mapped geological hazard which are excluded from building insurance in Cyprus for any housing construction. The industry is aware of this, but chooses to market this cheaply bought land nevertheless, and innocent foreign purchasers are being duped into buying property on soil which is totally unsuitable for safe construction. If you simply buy a plot of land, you are in with a chance, because at least you can get it surveyed. When a development is advertised the buyer assumes because houses are being offered for sale the geology must be ok, surely the Planning Dept wouldn't allow it otherwise? WRONG. I would like to create a case list for the CPAG, and offer and share as much information as possible which we have been able to obtain from our connection with the geological survey department. It is not possible to sue the Government...even though they deserve it. The Law MUST be changed to protect the consumer. The more cases, the more evidence, we could influence the situation.


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Hey Doog,

Another problem with shody builders is that they use ocean sand that hasn't been washed and after a few years, well lets just say the salt doesn't hold very well. This is on good very creditable info so becarefull when you buy and be informed.

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