Sub-dividing my plot of land question?

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We have a 6000sqm plot of land that we would like to divide in two to sell on. The plot is in a rural location just outside a village and as it's on a corner each plot could have its own access. Has anyone else done this and if so, what is involved, both from a practical and legal point of view?    Thanks in advance.


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In order to identify the correct procedure - and the ease (or not) of that procedure, you would have to be more specific about the 'we' who own the land.

If there is more than one registered owner at the Land Registry (e.g from multiple inheritors under Cypriot Law) the procedure would be different to that applying to one registered owner.

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Thanks journo. We are two people, husband and wife.

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Hi Bosko :)

So assuming you share cordial relations and a common viewpoint  ( :)- ), you can apply to the Land Registry for sub-vivision of the plot.

It should be quick and straightforward.

Pleass be aware though that you need to check the zoning in order to understand how/for what purpose it can be sold on

Is it classed as agricultural or development land? What is the permissible building density?

Different rules apply for subdivision of agricultural land, but at 6,000sq.m. even thern you should be able to subdivide your 6,000sq.m.into two as farmland.

There is also a difference between 'land' and a 'building plot'. The latter requires zoning authorisation, plus the provision of access roads and utilities.

Speak to your local Land Registry - they are really helpful.

Good Luck :)


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Thanks again journo.

Oh yes, we have been married for 29 years and happy to remain so!!

It is a Building Plot and has already had planning permission granted but that was in 2007 so has now expired. We are allowed a build density of 10% so even divided in two you could still put a decent sized preoperty on each plot.


Your advice and help is appreciated. Let's hope we can do it and sell them on now!

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Hi Bosko,

Please check out the Department of Lands and Surveys Citizens Charter - section 2.9 and a few others describe what you need to do to divide the land.



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Thanks Nigel, that's a really useful document. Our only concern is the 12-18 months that it will take! Grrrrrr......! 1589920205

Dear Bosko

Because the land is agricultural in order to divide it you have to have well with enough water or the land to be crowed with olive trees or pie trees. But before you follow this story you have to ask the down planning department if you make this procedure sometime you lost your rights to build it. If you are interested to sell the property I am interest . Please contact me on ,

Best regards

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