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We are hoping to purchase a small property inland and have found that the land area with the property is tiny.  There are no boundary markings showing any of the adjoining plots and we hope to find the owner of the scrubland next to it with a view to asking if it could be for sale.  In France we would go to the Mairie where there is a large map showing the plot numbers and their specific owners.  Is there something similar in Cyprus, and can we try doing this in English or do we need to find someone who can read and speak the language?  Any advice would be gratefully received.

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Nigel Howarth 1496298442

Unfortunately this will be difficult as the information and documents in the public register of Titles connected with the ownership of immovable properties and charges or encumbrances lodged against them are treated as confidential and unavailable for public inspection.

If you can get the GPS coordinates of the plot you may be able to use them to find the plot on the Department of Lands & Surveys website. However this will not show you who the owner is. It may be possible for a lawyer to get the information from the Land Registry, but I cannot guarantee.



portdulac 1496304037

Thank you for your help.  We do have the actual plot number itself and the district it is in - and a detailed map showing where it is etc.  So it looks like I will have to try and find someone who can help me knock on a few doors and speak to the locals in their native tongue to try and find the elusive owner.

Adam-Fox-901292 1496385493

What town/village is the land in?

portdulac 1496388941

The village is Pentalia, 20kms inland from Paphos.

sarah23-924605 1496740312

Hi, we own a plot of land in Pentalia. Is the plit in the village itself or in the surrounding area?

Contact me via email: to see whether we could assist.

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