Tree stump removal

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Graham S



Hi all We have the remains of a large old fig tree in our courtyard; we've cut it down to just above ground level, but removing the stump looks as if it will need professional attention. Any recommendations, please? The stump's in a restricted corner of the courtyard of a stone village house north of Limassol, and just to make matters more interesting has a large root that passes under the courtyard wall. The stone paving of the courtyard comes up to the stump on 3 sides, and the wall is behind it on the 4th side. We're treating it with stump-killer, but as it's best part of a couple of feet across it will take a LONG time to die & rot! Cheers Graham

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Harris -Joe-958495 1585414556

Try stump grinding houston experts, they offers the best tree removal services. 

Justen -Glad-959429 1586958886

Absolutely, only professionals can remove it properly to the ground level. Call tree trimming hollywood fl experts if they are near to your location for getting it removed.

Jackson -Wade-959950 1587751688

Thanks all for your replies, I will surely contact tree trimming miramar to help me in removing the stump from the garden.

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