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Does anyone have experience of using an organisation trading under the internet name of ''.  They were advertising a system of getting uk stations using IPTV (internet protocol television). We signed up with them in august and got a set top box  which connected to the cyta modem and the tv. With this we got uk BBC and ITV channels plus others. Now the system is not working very well and the providers are now introducing a new box (€ 120 extra) which is supposed to overcome the problems with the system we signed up for. Has anyone been involved with this company and got any experience with the new box. We are apprehensive of paying out further funds if there is not improvement.

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lakaman 1350684742

Sounds like yet another ripp off. Just buy an Android media box, plug it in, connect to filmon and watch all uk free to view channels for free, do your emails, skype, online banking, youtube, youtube hollywood movies, google maps, over 600,00 free applications.

Total cost no more thn £80

Put the word around and stop the rip off mentality.

No dish, no computer just internet and an hdmi connection on your TV.

I have been using this system or years and its great, automaticly updates its self, no contract, no monthly fees and no "company only" majic toutch.



thanks for the info and site details but my tv is old and only has scart sockets. new tv required i suppose.

lakaman 1350685614

Looks that way, you can get an old media box that connects with AVI leads but they are slow and the remote controls are quite poor, the new HDMI boxes are fast and come with an air mouse, which is a full qwerty key board and mouse in one, brilliant for arm chair control,

Bought mine from but you can get them from Amazon or Ebay, just make sure you get an airmouse with it.

Stop the rip off,

I had dishes of all sizes, changed the coax several times, upgraded to a drem box, tried a sling box, must have spent over 3 grand chasing the perfect TV sytem. it turns out an £80 Android box is the best available, watching Eastenders as we speak.




what about using hdmi output from android box through a hdmi to scart converter box, if that would work it would be cheaper than ditching a working tv ? any thoughts ?

master-677842 1350689826

Sounds great. I too have been looking for something cheap and simple to use system to watch UK channels.

1) Do you need a telephone line for this? Cyta is asking for 100s of Euros to install a line in Polis.

2) Where can I get this Android media box from?

Ganu Master


the programmes are on the internet, so yes you do need a telephone line with an iternet service provider (cyta / primetel)

i do not know where to get the android box but am investigating this

Mystic 1350693069

Ganu Master - You do not need a phone line! I watch uk tv programs using Film On, on my pc, or sometimes via hdmi cable to tv, and I don't have phone line cos Cyta want 6000 euros to connect us!!

I use MTN mobile broadband. We don't get the best signal here, and Film On tv is usually ok. If you are in an area where you can get a good signal you would have perfect free tv. You could probably get the same with Cyta mobile broadband, but at a much higher cost.

Call in to any MTN shop for packages information, or google for their website.

lakaman 1350719706

You can use HDMI to scart converter, they cost about £30, I have one which I use on an old TV. Don't buy the cheap HDMI/Scart cable they do not work, it must pass through a digital decoding box about the size of a box of matches and cost around £30.

Good look

You can run the media box off a dongle but i have never done it myself. they are plug and play, the massive difference between using a media box and a computer is the air mouse, it makes channel flicking easy just like a free to view box, plus you can do your emails, skype, utube, etc etc from your arm chair. It also plays any film format via USB stick, goodbye DVD player, lol.

Spread the word and let people know how easy it is.




thanks for your very useful information. I have a couple of boxes which allow the carrying of the internet signal from the cyta modem in one room to the location of my tv in another room using the electrical wiring of the house, now i need to locate an android box and hdmi - scart converter box and at that point we may have successful viewing using filmon

your answers are very much appreciated

lakaman 1350855786

Hi jennivor, take a look at this, its got the android 4 operating system and 1meg of RAM, remote control and free keyboard.

Looks good to me,


hello lakaman, thanks for the pointer to the amazon site. an additional question, if you don't mind. presumably there is av out as there is an av composite cable as well as hdmi, will the composite go to my scart with a composite - scart adapter?


lakaman 1350978920

Yes, the TV I have ouitside is setup like this, Its an android box, AVI cable to an AVI/Scart connector, works fine.

Just make sure the box has AVI out most the new android 4 (ice cream sandwich and Jelly bean) boxes only have HDMI out.



Demokratias14-709075 1350982334


thank you for the tip reference use of android box, please first spell out model of box,

make other relevant deyails and where it can be purchased and how much does it cost.?

next...what interface plugs sockets cables etc are required and how does the android box interface with the incoming telephone line, is a router or broadband converter box needed  from cyta,,

how does one connect the cyta converter box to the television, how does the android box select channels, is a handset remote control reuired,

appreciate your simplistic explaation however many cheap and simple devices often are not soo simple or reliable after all,

please publish this because there are many people who have puchased set top boxes locally and they do not work properly over the broadband network and the internet

many people are disabled and cannot afford to buy more and more items of equipment when they are disabled and love watching daytime tv etc.



thank you for your kindness lakaman

J.Snijders 1351093609


It is even more simpel if you have an internet conection and a game console or laptop with a HDMI conection and one on your tv, then go to and sign up with them for 5 euro's a month and you get all of the BBC channels + Iplayer, all the ITV channels + Iplayer, 4OD and 5OD, we have it since the beginning of the year and very happy with it.

lakaman 1351120708

I have posted a link in this thread??? Just click the link??

the android box is wifi and connects to the cytanet modem via wifi

You select and change channel with the remote control.

Too many boxes on the market to list but I use the "Cyclone Nano Slim" purchased from for about €70 including the remote. (12 months warranty)

Just look on the internet, it works the same as a smart phone and turns a basic TV (with HDMI connector) in to a smart wifi TV, very simple and very easy to use.

This is why I say tell everyone and stop the rip off merchants, TV is simple. This box will pick up Russian, French, Bulgarian TV and many many more countries.





Demokratias14-709075 1351157479

Hi Lakaman

am useing a thompson cyta router to an old philips tv which works very well and it has AV  the three coloured sockets on the backside and two scart sockets, no hdmi sorry, can i use an hdmi tp scart converter to go between the output socket (hdmi) on the cyclone box  to the scart connector on the tv, what sort of scart connector query? where from? model number ?etc please the  cost??

Does your cyclone box have AV output which cud be used with an AV cable directly to the AV sockets on the back of the tv ?? (three coloured sockets at each end)

The handset changes the tv channels yes? like an a normal tv handset when it is set up, is this difficult to set up query,

do you get instruction with the cyclone, how to do this setup

Amazon is selling an android 4 box for  £UK 34 which has many uses with a handset and lists tv viewing as one of its possibilities,

am thinking possibility your cyclone may not be on market now? 

 thank you so much for your help Lakaman

devonseadog 1351172852

As a newbie here in Cyprus, this has been a most useful blog.  It's obvious the Android media box is definitely the way to go, and using Filmon you get free live access to British TV (an others), plus other apps - great!

I assume that if you want to access the BBC iPlayer or the ITV or Sky versions for catching up on previous day (or days) programmes, then you would still need a VPN service for that.  Can  the Android boxes support a subscription VPN service if desired?




alessandro-713009 1351185236


a question for the hi tech experts...:-)


im actually watching Italian tv via internet using some streaming websites...the quality is not the best one...


i would like to know if ill buy this smart tv sets, ill be able to watch italian channels, and if yes, how it will work?


it will be the same as if i use the actual streamers websites?


thank you

Demokratias14-709075 1351203905

Hi lakaman

thankyou for the guidance, the android box shown at amazon link lists the various functions box can be used to do including AV however not sure if this means AV in or AV out and does not include any reference to RAM capacity. if an av output is available can this be used with an AV cable directly to the AV sockets on the rear of an old tv which does not have hdmi socket?

My question is to you is a VPN required to engage with UK tv when an android box is used with a broadband connection to a cyta router/broadband box etc. am puzzled by what means the android box enables reception of uk tv, does it engage with a uk iplayer ?? and cloaks the location in cyprus ??




lakaman 1351243420

demokratis, No it does not hide the fact your in cyprus, you down load the filmon app through the Android Market (Play Store) its free, You can then watch all UK free to view channels and many other countries such as France, Russia etc.

If you want film on you add a VPN such as which costs abou €5 a month, adding a VPN is very easy, you can then download the bbc iplayer app through the play store,

easy as one two three :-)

PS, i prefer the player from but its only HDMI, the one I showed you is AV out and will connect to the older TV.


lakaman 1351243767

alissandro, go to the play store type in Italian TV and you will get several Italian TV apps to download for free, I cant say if they are good or bad because I don't watch italian TV, the quality will be excellent as its an Android app and not streaming.

Find a friend with an Android smart phone and try it first.


Demokratias14-709075 1351547165

JUSTOP Android 4.0 TV Box HD Network Media Player / Streamer, Smart Internet TV Set Box, Built-in WIFI Support HDMI Flash 11 , Skype , Youtube , XBMC, uPNP Play---Great for Watching HD Movies, Youtube Videos, Surfing Internet, Online TV, Android Game, 2 x USB Ports, Comes With Remote Control, HDMI Cable, UK Adapter and a composite AV cable is included in the box to connect to your older tv audio/video sockets

selling half price ! purchase apps (applications) from Google etc....the model Lakaman kindly described is no longer available

look at Amazon webpage and link to Justop

by JUSTOP        from Demokratias14

Graham Flint 1351694906

if you have the internet you can go to FILMON to get live uk tv free

lakaman 1351716602

Graham Flint,,,, thats what this post is all about, FREE Uk TV but instead of using a web page use an application via a smart phone or media box, you benifit by the remote control, arm chair viewing and your computer/laptop is free for serfing the net as I am doing now and if you dont have a computer you can just use a media box.

An android application is easier to stream than a web page and you will have less braek up,,

Back in the dark ages I used to use my laptop and an HDMI cable to the TV, never again, media box and 2.4 ghz air mouse is the way forward.

pvep1934 1351855912

Lakaman, I have been reading your info regarding free UKTV via an adroid box and airmouse.

We are OAPs and  don't understand all the technicalities that everyone else seems to!! 

My husband is disabled and relies a lot on TV, and we would like to try this.  We have an old (massive) Dalco tv, which incidentally has a very good picture, on which we get Cytavision. we also have a PC and laptop

Is it possible to use this tv although it doesn't have an HDMI port apparently - or should we get a new one?  

Also is it possible tto pay someone with the relevant knowhow to connect all these items, we live outside Limassol in Episkopi village.  Would very much appreciate your advice.

Kind regards.

lakaman 1351866561


Its not as difficult as it sounds, if any of your friends use an iphone or any android smart phone they would set it up in seconds.


unfortunatly I no longer live in Cyprus but know the area well.


I would recommed a new TV with HDMI (if you can afford a new TV treate yourself)


I hope for your husbands sake you get it going soon, if you get stuck I can ask a friend to pop round and help you out, it really is easy, if you can operate a computer and a sky type remote its just as simple.


Kind regards and best wishes.

pvep1934 1351870773


Many thanks for your reply, we have had an offer from someone locally to help set up the system,

so will see how it goes, getting a new tv if necessary, will not be a problem.

Glad to see that you are still in touch with the heppenings in Cyprus, and hope all goes well for you.

Kind regards.


Demokratias14-709075 1351881154




iportal vpn will permit you to purchase one year subscription for Eu40  on evidence of age over 60 etc...

giving you access to bbc iplayer itvplayer demand5 etc.

for terminolog explanation look up Wikipedia one by one,

 HDMI, android, buffering, 1080p,  4.01 and a whole host of easily understood

jargon to help you on your way,

yes a new flatscreen tv with HDMI interface cable to your laptop and to your HDMI port on your tv will make it simpler,

however as Lakaman remarked an Android box with airmouse is even better, let,s you carry on surfing, emailing etc whilst tv is on and you can be watching BBC live tv programmes real time, not in catch-up mode etc...  the model he remarked is no longer available however I put an alternative one up on this thread earlier with full details (see Justop  c/w all cables air mouse  power supply etc..

Happy viewing...


lakaman 1351884603

You can add the iportal vpn to the android box and watch catchup via the bbc iplayer app, itv catchup app etc etc or through the google page on the android media box.

A laptop to the TV is a good way to watch TV but its not easy to arm chair surf the channels. With the air mouse you can channel jump, I also use an app called "TV Guide" it tells you in detail whats on each channel and you can look days ahead, its a great app.

PVEP1934 is giving good advice.

I like the Cyclone Nano Slim from as it has an on line gaurantee and a very useful web page where you can down load new and updated drivers for the box, its not a quick sell and run company.

Happy viewing (Watching the beast on the chase as we speak, brill quiz game)



hello lakaman, there has been a lot of response to my original post on opening this thread but none about my original question about the firm in paphos who supplied us with the iptv box and now want to replace it. However the posts have helped with identifying a method of getting uk tv without a monthly outlay. I have now got a box and also a wireless keyboard/mouse and now can watch the uk bbc and itv channels (plus others)

for anyone interested my set up is -  cyta modem in one room with desktop computer, output from this modem is fed into an adapter box plugged into an adjacent electric socket. in my lounge I have another adapter box plugged into an electric socket near my tv, this gets my broadband from the modem to the other room. The android box input (ethernet cable) is connected to this adapter. The android box output AV is taken to the tv with an AV to Composite cable (this has 3 plugs for the tv end - red, yellow and white) but my tv only has scart sockets so the three plugs go into an adapter  which gives composite in and scart out.

lakaman,  thank you very much for pointing me in the direction and giving advice. I will now no longer need to use your services and advice which I have very much appreciated

lakaman 1351969629

 jennivor Thank you very much for your kind comments, I am so happy your sorted and I hope many others too.

I hate being riped off and hope the word spreads, you will have good days and bad days dependant on your internet but hey, anything is better than nothing.

You can also down load and watch films on the box, if you use file manager its just like a computer, the USB connectors can be used for watching films from a USB stick.

Enjoy, pleased to help.


Demokratias14-709075 1351978619


psed to hear of your success, I also have heard of problems in paphos area ref. the 99 eu box and channel failures..looked up te website you remarked ...

grateful if you will post your android box model source and price, did u find it locally query.

earlier i put up thread with android box 4.01 details from justop link via amazon.

iportal confirmed today they will give rebate for over 60 years to one year sub. for eu40.00

on evidence of age etc. iportal streams bbciplayer itvplayer demand 5 and so on

happy viewing




justrehab-670621 1352016572

Hi, I happened to come across your message and wondered if you could advise, you appear to be knowledgeable?  We purchased a six months contract/box with a "local British company" who promised lots of uk channels and the chance to go back 14 days and watch old programmes.  This initially worked but when we tried to go back and view old episodes the screen and sound would fragment.  Despite many calls to the company they have done nothing (they say everyone else is running fine so ours should our money and dont care) so we bought an android.  This works fine everywhere on the island but not in/around our house...the sound doesnt work.  Cyta have checked our lines, they are fine, netspeed says out internet speed is fine (and indeed our computers are running fine) so....what do we do?  We live in front of the sea and on a big hill so we cant see there being any problems with signals.  Would you have any idea why this is happening?  Any suggestions would be gratefully received. regards, Lynne

lakaman 1352018411

There are 3 ways of controling the volume, on the TV with the TV remote, on the android box when your watching filmon via the slide bar at the side and through the android box by using the airmouse/keypad.

Check all three.

If this doesnt work go to settings, sound, volume, and see if the default setting in the box is ok.

last thing to try is, settings, sd,phone settings (or backup and reset), factory data reset.

Depending on the box and Android system installed it may say somthing slightly different. If you rest the box it should go back to a as shipped state, it may come up in chineese, don't panic, just go to settings, scrole down until you see an icon in a square with a letter A in the middle, press this scroll through to English, select and return home, you box will be back in English.

You will now need to log on to the store with your Gmail Account, down load filmom and all should be well.

Sounds hard but its not,

Good luck.


hi, demokratial14. I sourced my android box through Amazon, there are many advertised but some do not post to cyprus.tried e-bay but most of those do not post to cyprus and a lot of them are sent from hong kong, china etc which could pose problems with import charges at this end.the one I got did not have a mouse but only a controller so I also bought a wirleless keyboard/mouse as well. the total cost was just short of £100 (uk) with postage. I have not tried i-portal yet but we are getting BBC  and ITV which is what we wanted.

justrehab-670621 1352048259

Many thanks for the helpful info.  what I meant was even the android doesnt have sound (connected to the tv or not).  when Ive taken it back to the seller in central Larnaca its worked perfectly so I think its the house...........

akseea 1352328506

very interested in this topic, so I can watch downstairs with my partner and leave the lad upstairs with what he wants to watch JUSTOP ANDRIOD 4.0 TV BOX with my in house wi fi system the way to keep the lad upstairs happy ?(do I need a techno geek to set it up or can I plug in and go?

souvla1 1352363935

Plug and play, it operates like a smart phone or tablet, it will find your internet, put in your internet password and it will logon, open the google market/play by using a gmail account which you can create in minutes, ****** and a password

Then enjoy, your son can play tghousands of free games as well as watch films, use skype, facebook, twiter etc and UK TV via filmon.

Have fun.


thass 1353435774

Just saw that a few outlets have the updated (Android 4.0) Sumvision Cyclone Slim Plus - anyone using this yet ?.....just wondering how it performs ?

Also - how are broadband packages in Cyprus ?  (e.g. up to 8Mb with  40Gb limit, up to 16Mb with No Limit etc. etc)  ?





dhammond230 1357897980

If you have a look at you can see guides on how to watch TV for free without having to pay for monthly subscriptions


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Builder Boy 1357917165

I got to this thread by following a number of posts by someon trying to drum up business for their internet TV srice.

Having read right through this thread I have to say I am really pleased that I have Sky. I have an HD+ box and get loads of channels plus BBC and ITV through OnDemand with none of the mucking about!

sandra46-681487 1357930750

Hi, we are totally useless with technical stuff. we have cytanet modem and cytavision as well as the limited sky free to air channels. my son bought me a sumvision cyclone micro 2+ from Argos while i was in U.K. he put some films on there, which we watch now and then. could we use this to view english T.V.? if so, how? it is connected straight to electric socket and HDMI cable from cyclone to T.V. i just select films when i switch it on and have no idea what else i can do with it. many thanks in advance if anyone can provide some advice. dummy language please though!

souvla1 1357934827

Go to settings and select wireless & networks, it will find your internet just type in your password.

Now go to Play/store/market and type in filmOn, it will download filmOn which gives you live Uk TV,

With a qick lesson you can watch films via Utube, you can on line bank, you can down load UK radio from your local county/town, you can play games, watch films via USB stick, too many things to explain.

What I would suggest is invite a friend who has an android smart phone round for a beer, the box works the same as an android phone.

Crack it and you will love it.


scouseteacher 1371694905

Just read your thread about using an android box for watching uk tv in cyprus. going to be sorting ours out in L'ssol in a few weeks...since sky satellite no longer any use. can i buy this box in uk and bring it with me or does it need to be bought locally....if so from where ? thanks. MG

souvla1 1371719227

Amazon, Ebay or Ebuyer are the best sites, there is a new stick out its triple core, 1.8Mhz with 2MB RAM thats faster than an ipad or any small note book, should be in theory as fast as anything.

Not got one yet but one on order.


wildbird-704847 1372173593

I have 3 android tv dongles in my house ( main tv & 1 each for teenagers) These are excellent devices and I bought mine from Bill on 99114617. He runs a computer business and I use him all the time so I can honestly say you are not being ripped off with him. Tell him Falcon recommended him if you so wish.



souvla1 1372197143

If you buy them yourself your not being ripped off, you can buy a dongle for as little as £30 which would probably be 1Gb RAM and around 1.2 MHZ or you can push the boat out and but a dongle with air mouse with 2Gb RAM android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) and running quad core at 1.8Mhz for about £80

Why use a middle man just type "Android TV dongle 2Gb RAM" or try a link like

I am not recommending this link but it is a model I would consider.


dobbs123 1381096291

Interested in what lakaman says (19/10/12) re Android. We have an Android BOx 4.0 op system but get a lot of bufferring, sometimes ruining a whole programme . Any idea of cause - does anyone else get this? We have excelent internet connection  and thought it must be the box??

souvla1 1381136304

Down load memory manager and use this to free up memory and close apps that are not in use.

The android box is only as good as the parts inside, some are very very good, some are made very cheap with substandard CPU little RAM and no GPU. and a mish mash OS cut from a phone or tablet.



dobbs123 1381268084

many thanks to Souvla for that suggestion on the Android problem - have checked out the memory but there appears to be loads of free memory available - may be the RAM, but it was bought from a fairly reputable supplier - the buffering continues after deleting BBC I Player app, which is unobtainable here in TRNC anyway!

souvla1 1381312386

Go to settings, apps, App management and it will list all apps downloadfed, firstly delete any you dont use, Look at the very bottom of the screen it will show you how much storage you have used and have left. Now look at the top of the screen and there are 3 "tabs" Down loaded, SD card and running.

If you move to SD Card and it will show you a reduced list, go to Running and this will show all apps "open" look at the bottom and it shows the amount of RAM used and the amount free, for FilmOn you need minimum 216 free.

ITV catchup, BBC catchup 4OD etc etc can only be loaded if you use a VPN, Iportal will give you the Android settings, its easy to load. You then use your "browser" to go to the webpage and store the webpage as a widget. (you do need about 4Mb download speed to streem catchup via a VPN.

Hope this helps.


dobbs123 1381319708

Wow - ta very much Souvla - will be having a look at all that.

BarneyRubble-676353 1381338457

Another question - we have wi-fi from local supplier (not Cyta) and so have no cable in our phone socket, is this a problem with the android boxes?  Plus we only get 2mb speeds.

souvla1 1381339459

Barney Rubble.

Yes, sorry this is a problem. You can find an old box (android 2.3) which will take a "cable" but most are Wifi and they are doing more and more which makes them "internet hungry" if you keep it stripped to the minimum it will need 2Mb to run FilmOn via an android app, if you try to use the "google" it needs about 4Mb.

They area fantastic piece of equipment if you understand Android, which is the very basic system.


BarneyRubble-676353 1381359543

Thanks for the info Souvla - I thought it might be a problem.  Is it the speed that is the problem or the fact that I am on wi-fi internet ?




souvla1 1381398517

Hi barnie, without seeing your setup its difficult to say,


1. Are you on dial up or broadband?

2. Do you have a modem or is it "Hard Wire"

3. Who is your internet provider?

4. Which box do you have? Is it a stick or box, check the RAM is it 512 or 1Mb?

Whats your download speed, (Test Wifi if poss if not Hard wired)

Then I can let you know what I think.


BarneyRubble-676353 1381422495

My provider is a local guy in the village, I have a router and there is a transmitter on the roof. 

I don`t have an android box yet, and we need to buy an up to date tv anyway so I wanted to check that I would be able to use the box before I paid out all the money for it.

Just tested my speed on and it is 2.31 Mbps.

How many HDMI connections should I look for on my new tv ?


Thanks for your help Souvla

souvla1 1381441684

Just one HDMI and a USB may be usefull as a power option.

Spead should just be ok if its constant. Wifi modem would be the way forward.

If your looking at a box look for "quad core" and minimum 1Mb RAM. Dont overload it with usless apps as most people tend to. Strip off any unused apps and keep it "clean"


BarneyRubble-676353 1381482975

Thank you for that Souvla. I`ll take your advice.


Kindest regards


cyprusstudio 1381594514

Just use this site for catchup iplayer, itv player, 4 and 5, works great on my pc and with vga lead, or HDMI if you computer has a socket.


dobbs123 1390646585


Re internet TV and an android box, I got one over a year ago from Arriva TV who trade in Cyprus and UK - can deliver to either and box cost around £100. Address is  Works fine with film on. Connects to router and with HDMI. The only problem I do find is getting internet speed high enough (I think) especially in the evenings when it appears to drop and affect viewing which keeps 'buffering'. Be glad to know if anyone experiences similar problems? My interent speed appears to be a reasonable average most iof the time with 4Mbps. (I have interent via sat which is great except for this problem in evenings TV) 

souvla1 1390683169 is very expensive at £129.50 a year when you can get sites like filmOn or NTX for free, or iPortal for £40 a yaer and you can then logon to Sky, ITV catchup Channel 4, 5OD etc etc.


Packman-712197 1413551131

You should try having a look at this website they will give you a free trial before you buy

cojack 1414772939

About to sign up to I think this company , but I am not sure its the same, have you got an address or a phone no,or even a contact name,I have received some info from them and I beleive they are based in Paphos. They say I can convert my present Mag 250 box for free.and charge 29.99 pm many thanks  

herry-dow-959880 1587665524

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