Voltaic panels

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Has anyone had experience with any voltaic panel installers. Currently looking at Bioland and wonder if anyone has any feedback?

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I bought my PV system from https://www.aisolar.com/en/ and haven´t regretted it. Very responsive and good aftersale service.

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Unless the installer takes the time to explain that the 'rated' output of the panel is based on 1,000W/m² @ 20°C with 90° angle of incidence, and at an ambient temperature of 20C°, and that in Cyprus even the fiercest sunny day hardly provides 800W/m² of insolation, and that only for a couple of hours in the day, plus performance dives as temperatures get nearer to 30C°, and 2-dimentional trackers to keep the panel at 90° to the sun are very expensive so you'll only enjoy the close to 90° optimisation for less than a hour a day on average, with according losses when the sunshine on the panel is not directly 90°, (best to assume about 600W/m² for 6 months, and about 400W/m² of less-sunny days). Annually we get an average solar radiation in Cyprus of 5.06kWh/m²/day. Most modern solar panels are less than 30% efficient (in fact closer to 28%), so you're only going to get about 1.47kWh/m²/day of electrical output from the panels (do measure the actual PV area of the panel, not the size of the frame when trying to calculate how many m² you need to generate a certain power level).  The deduct losses of the cables, Inverter, and batteries (for nighttime local power)typically approx 4.8%-12% depending on brands & whether or not batteries are involved . .  . and then you're close to what your proposed PV system might ACTUALLY SUPPLY.

In Paphos I know the engineers at Green Energy usually do perform all the above calculation, and will happily explain them to you based on the exact equipment they are proposing.

BEWARE OF THE SHARKS who will try to tell you that from a PV panel rated at 400W (don't forget the fine print that says "at 1kW/m², @ 20C°ambient temperature, 90° incident)) will be pumping out 400W/m² every sunny hour of every day of the year and that you'll have every watt of that power at your disposal !

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