started by: billy boy1 · last update: 1205834557 · posted: 1205834557

Wanted petrol strimmer and a petrol blower/vacuum. Paphos area Please get in touch with details. billy boy

started by: zhanetek · last update: 1205749910 · posted: 1205487519

Does anybody know how to fight with ants? They r coming again to our house coz weather is getting warmer and i cant really stand them. I know about pest control but does it help? Thank u.

started by: mabel7-667842 · last update: 1205656514 · posted: 1205572335

Wondered if next in paphos or Ikea in Nicosia stock garden furniture such as sun loungers?

started by: OnlyTopResults · last update: 1205239193 · posted: 1201913557

Anybody know of a broadband supplier capable of providing broadband (without satellite) in the Emba, post code 8250 Pafos area? If that is not available - any recommendations for a broadband via satellite provider? Thanks Adrian

started by: Basil-665878 · last update: 1205237428 · posted: 1204765730

We are coming over to Paphos middle of March to take delivery of a new apartment , and we need to equip it with cutlery, crockery, kitchen utensils etc. Can anyone suggest the best place to purchase these items, at a reasonable price. Thanks Basil.

started by: mandap4nda · last update: 1205225735 · posted: 1204142789

I need to furnish my holiday home in Famagusta from scratch but can't get over to cyprus. I need fashionable light fittings, curtain poles installing as well as buying the big pieces of furniture. Can you recommend anyone or any shops where I can buy online? I want to come over in the summer and have it ready to live in mandap4nda

started by: dilailah · last update: 1205001328 · posted: 1204921525

Does anyone help with driving directions to Marks&Spencer in Paphos (from Polis)? I couldn't find Nicodymou Mylona no.1-3 on Paphos map. Thanks!

started by: AL9011 · last update: 1204978985 · posted: 1204978985

Hi Can anyone help me with the cost per meter of installed balustrades in Paphos. I have not yet decided on whether to use steel, aluminium or concrete and what the design should be. At this point in time I just need some idea of cost. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

started by: mabel7-667842 · last update: 1204844528 · posted: 1204655195

Would anybody be able to recommend an electrician for 1 or 2 days work to upgrade some light fittings & install an electric fire in the Pissouri area. thanks

started by: aristokat · last update: 1204819478 · posted: 1204714368

Hi, can anyone recommend a good builder in the Limassol area, i would like to get a quote for an extension, possibly a pool and fencing. If you know of anyone that could quote for all 3, that would be great. Thanks

started by: Basil-665878 · last update: 1204764388 · posted: 1204764388

Hi, can anyone tell me where i can get kitchen worktops, i want to build a breakfast bar and need a matching worktop.The code is 08517 and it's dark grey with a vein effect running through. Many thanks

started by: Mike Hayes · last update: 1204758247 · posted: 1204678765

Hi, We have just purchased a one bed apartment in Peyia and are looking for a decorator to paint the interior, we have had one very stupid quote of 2800 euros, we could fly 3 decorators in for a week for this! Surely this cannot be the norm - can anyone help? We have just bought an apartment in Peyia and need a decorator to give us quote. Can anyone sugguest one? Had one that was way over the top 2,800 euros for a one bed apartment - I don't think! mike

started by: Flower-665801 · last update: 1204653908 · posted: 1204132112

Can anyone recommend a climber that can be planted in a pot to cover a fence......fairly quickly?

started by: tammy123 · last update: 1204559572 · posted: 1204514046

We have a budget of £80,000 stg to buy and renovate a village stone house on a plot of about 350 sq mt . Is this a viable amount or am I being optomistic? !! Does anyone know a rough per sq mt price for renovating? If any one has recently undertaken a renovation I would be interested in the possible costs. Many thanks in advance.

started by: hunnibee · last update: 1204538531 · posted: 1189819969

Hi, I'm just about to move into rented house, it has air-con but obviously if its not serviced regularly it can spread nasty germs to breed!! Can anyone advice on if this should be me that services it or my landlord? And also how regularly it should be done?? Thanks hunnibee xxx hunnibee x x x

started by: mabel7-667842 · last update: 1204455374 · posted: 1204402909

can anybody advise if there is a public refuse site near paphos or limassol? thanks

started by: daisygirl · last update: 1204292907 · posted: 1204205867

Can anyone tell me the procedure for claiming heating allowance in villages over 660m above sea level?

started by: scotty0268 · last update: 1204058392 · posted: 1176150341

Hi there I wondered if anyone can recomend a good decking company, the builder has left my patio as gravel also any idea of cost? thanks scottscotty

started by: Flowerpower-660633 · last update: 1203413702 · posted: 1197483117

I want to get hubby a good telescope for Christmas but don't know where to get one. Any suggestions? We are in Limassol. Thanks

started by: pattie-662040 · last update: 1203301495 · posted: 1202679301

l have some seeds to grow my own vegetables, so l would very much welcome how l do this. I am on my own, and l would like to know what fertiliser to buy thank-you

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