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Come on ladies & gents are there any of you out there who have mastered the culinary delights of Cypriot food. Im a good old English cook and eager to learn how to cook & impress my Cypriot friends when i invite them round for dinner.

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Hi all, Does anyone know which ones are good or bad or which is the latest ones? my friend had one fitted where she has to add salt every 6 months and think this is a bit of hassle are there other better versions and any idea on the cost of getting them fitted?

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We have a plot of agricultural land with 3 electricity poles situated on the border, we had a bore hole drilled (but could not get a grant for this, but thats another story) having been in contact with the electricity board they have informed us that it will cost us £4.500 (yes thats thousands) for 1 pole and a transformer is there any body out there had a similar problem. robert barnettdenise scully

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Hi Can anyone please tell me how much it should cost to put Electricity & water back on when a property has been empty & bought by new purchaser please???? (Paphos area) Thanks Susie vsv

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We live in a rented house with a pool. The pool filtering times have been set by the landlord but I feel that he puts the filter pump on too often which is costing a lot in electricity.Our electric bills seem to be huge! Our landlord lived in this house before us and his bills were €100 euros less each month and the only difference is the fact we have a pool. He even had a busy workshop here.I timed it and the pool comes on for 20 minutes and then off for 55 minutes right through the day and night. Does this seem right or too much?

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Hi I just wondered whether anyone had any experience with obtaining a government grant for restoring a listed stone house. I am aware that you have to pay for the work and then apply for the grant but know little more than that and any info I have searched for seems to be very vague, so any help would be greatly appreciated. For example: is it a difficult process, as we know many things involving red tape here in Cyprus can be!! and how long does it take for the grant to come through presuming you were eligible. Thanks in advance. Michelle

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Please can anybody tell me where I can buy reasonably priced bubble wrap by the roll in the Paphos area. I have tried a removal company but they were very expensive. Thanks

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Im looking to buy a garden shed, secondhand or new, can anyone help with this o.ermogenous

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Do you have to pay TV licence in Cyprus like you do in the UK? Thanks...Can't wait to move to Cyprus!!!

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I am looking for a structural engineer to look over various problems I have with my property. Can anyone recommend a good one please. Many thanks. Mark Tilden

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Any advice on the best place to obtain half a lorry load of decent top soil? And how much? Would need to be delivered to Pissouri. Tony

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Hiya - i want to get a fence put up around our house - can anyone recommend a company the specializes in fencing. We are in the Limassol area.

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Does anyone know where I can get the following: We have a communal pool which has an external system. The green ring has cracked. It holds the filter bag (looks like a hoover bag) & the basket. This cannot be repaired as the pressure from the suction is too great, so we need a new one. Please help. I have a picture of it but I cannot add it to this post. I can email it to anyone who thinks they can help. Regards.

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The [url="http://cyprus-property-buyers.com/forum/"]Cyprus Property Forum[/url] provides: Help, Information, Advice, Hints, Tips & Support for those Buying and Selling Residential & Investment Property in the Republic of Cyprus. Look forward to seeing you there. Nigel Howarth

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Anyone know where i could possibly hire a mini digger from? I`m in nicosia but im sure they can be delivered. thanks smile-on

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With respect , if this topic has been covered before, I apologise. I have just bought a property in Cyprus thru' an agent. You would think they make enough from the builders with their commission. Not true,they are quite happy to take more from you and ( I think) play on the fact that your head is spinning and won't notice and extra 20% going to them in commission they receive from the shops they take you to. We were promised, as part of joining their club, help buying goods to furnish the proprty,.....Help getting best prices, discounts etc. etc. (At one shop we used, the invoice we paid was made out to the agency?) We received absolutely "diddly squat". "Wise after the event" we did some research and found we could have saved the "members joining fee" AND almost £800 on the goods we bought.Some friends we met actually paid £9000 for a "Complete Package" and still had to fork out for Air Con. How complete is that? My advice to prospective buyers is to use the Inspection flights to view properties you like.Use Anglo Info to ask extra questions and when you come back to buy, hire a car or (a little more expensive) a local taxi driver to go to the shops, he will know his way around.If he then saves you money you can tip him.Our club , For the fee we paid "the club" gave us a rep for one day who so obviously took us to shops which gave "the agents " the BIGGEST backhander. Our considerations were never ever in the agents mind. Not my words , but so true. "When you do a deal you always leave a little in the pot for the next man. Here they see if they can take the pot as well" I have writen to the company Three times and sent "e" mails but I guess I'm another mug they have fleeced and SO WHAT. Popg robinson

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The latest gossip back here in the u k is that the heating allowance to x pats is to be stopped.Am i barking up the wrong tree with this info?

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hello does anybody know of a good damp proofing company that can help with the problem in my walls that the builder kindly left me with? He as washed his hands now he has most of the money. Any info would be welcomed Regards Janianandjan

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Hi i hope someone can help, i have an english Gas hob and i want to convert it to run on Lpg. is there a standard kit or is it make specific. what douse a kit consist of? Every one on the net seems to say just free kit with hob.

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Has anyone in the Paphos/Peyia area purchased bottles of methylated spirits for domestic use? I have tried several hardware/building trade/pharmacy outlets without success. I need it to fuel my Swiss Fondue, which works without a wick - I have tried various alternatives (lamp fuel and other substances bought from suppliers) all to no avail. Any suggestions? Josi jojo

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