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hi we are moving to limassol end jan and need washing machine fridge freezer etc - can anyone recommend a supplier that will deliver? have looked at dalco but they dont have a big selection of washing machine was hoping to get a good brand.

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im moving into an unfurnished house in limassol and need blinds to keep out the light - what type do most people go for and any recommendations on vendors??

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I'm looking for someone to cut the grass at my house, about once a month now, and more frequently in the Spring. Must have your own lawnmower/strimmer as I do not have these. I live in Limassol, Columbia area.

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Since we left Cyprus in Oct 2005, has the property market prices gone up or are properties gone down in value. We need to know so that we can make outr minds up about wether to buy or rent when we move there....... We havent been to Cyprus since Oct 2005 so we are not sure of prices at present. We will settle in Limassol where we were before. Thanks Fe.................You can e-amail me.....................

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hi, can anyone tell me the standing charges the electricity company charge when your property is not being used?

started by: Tom Q · last update: 1197574507 · posted: 1196859357

Hi, I have hardly used the following items (are in immaculate condition) and have no requirement for them any more so am putting them up for sale. Coffee table - cherry finish with shelf and specifications of 900mm x 447mm x 397mm - CYP25 Corner table (square shape) - cherry finish and specifications of 580mm x 580mm x 455mm - CYP20 If interested in either or both of these items then please respond and we can make arrangements from there. Collection of the items would be required from the apartment in Prodromi. Kind Regards,TQ

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can anyone recommend someone they have used??? - thanks

started by: buchanan-661575 · last update: 1197300096 · posted: 1197195619

Satellite engineer wanted, Limassol.chris

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Just wondering if Freeview Satellite dishes are available in Cyprus. At the moment I have mine tuned to Astra28 and have 335 TV stations, all free, this will work from Cyprus but am wondering if it is worth taking down and bringing to Cyprus? If they are available, what price are they in Cyprus? They are on sale here at €125.00 incl decoder/fittings for 2 TV's and can also be used for connecting to Sky box. A little help goes a long way!

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We have a large pine tree and need it cut down, it is about 25-30m tall and is in Nata near paphos, anyone intrested in giving a quote?

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I have a potted Bougainvillea which this Summer was bursting with flower. Within the past 2 weeks I have noticed leaves turning a bright yellow and dropping. Can anyone tell me is this a seasonal cycle or do I have a problem? Many thanks Ann Learning all the time x

started by: Luke Oliver · last update: 1196528021 · posted: 1194538151

We will need to have some loose floor tiles re-laid. Anyone know a tiler please? Zygi area. Thanks, Luke

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Can anyone recommend good gardening books for growing plants, fruit trees and vegetables in Cyprus please. Any other Mediterranean based books might be suitable as well. Thanks Arbeia

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Need air/con fitted [limassol] .................monty

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I am searching for a supply of Red/Brown stone chips to cover my garden. Obviously this material can be bought from many of the garden centers but I need so much to cover the area I would prefer to buy from source cutting out the expensive middle men. I actually need 19 to 20 Tonnes of graded stone which amounts to one full truck load. I believe I could do a far better deal by buying direct from source if only I could find just where that was. Can anyone assist please? Kindest regards to all BJ

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We have a problem with our domestic flying rats. they sit on the roof of the house and when they poo it rolls into the pool. Does anyone know how I can stop them roosting up there (apart from shooting them). I believe there is some kind of strip you can stick up? Any info would be greatfully received. Regardsianandjan

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Can anyone tell me where I can purchase caravan curtains in the Limassol or Larnaca area or if you have any for sale - must be in good condition then please email me asap. Thanks. marian thow

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have a concrete floor and am looking for carpet or some kind of flooring appropriate for the winter, the size of the room is 325x 380 cm i have a very limited budjet and so am wondering if anyone knows of second hand flooring or has unwanted carpets from renovations etc??? i'm based in limassol and would be very grateful of any help you can offer. my number is 99859032

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Does anyone know someone reliable who can service and repair Oil Fired Domestic Boilers. It's only 2 years old bit and have tried to switch on after summer break and its not firing. Probably needs a service as well. RegardsDecoman

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We have just had a gas hob fitted after being with electric and I have noticed that the flame seems very high even when turned to low (its making the bottom of my stainless steel pans go black and ashy). I was just wondering whether this is because it is being fueled by a gas bottle instead of the mains and if there is anyway we can turn the flame down ourselves or do we need to get the gas man back??? Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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