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We purchased a HUGE fridge from the States designed for European standards (220V) but now are having problems finding a plumber who knows how to install the water supply to the fridge. Can anyone helps us - it is a Whirlpool side by side fridge. Demetra

started by: stoddys · last update: 1193930943 · posted: 1193851313

hi i am after a real tree surgen, i have a large fir tree that needs attention in Paphos area Nata if you have heard of it. hope someone knows of one. not a Jack of all trades type but a specilist. thanks chris

started by: waga · last update: 1193917001 · posted: 1190673771

I am relocating to Nicosia with my husband and three children (4,5, and 7). What are the better neighbourhoods in Nicosia where one could have a detached house, and what is the average price for 3 bdrms? Thank you, Gina.

started by: Dave Green · last update: 1193912084 · posted: 1188669733

Can anyone recommend a good place in Paphos to get blinds and curtains made for our new apartment Thanks Dave Green

started by: aristokat · last update: 1193266693 · posted: 1192626700

Hiya, i need someone to paint the outside of my house. We're in Limassol. Can any one recommend someone? Thanks Kat

started by: Doog · last update: 1193170578 · posted: 1192926366

Have you got subsidence problems...clay...landslide? A group of very concerned ex-pats has been lobbying about sliding soils for more than a year. CPAG are alerted and Greens MP George Perdikis (the only MP to assist on environmental issues) is taking the matter up with the appropriate Ministries. Landslides are a well known, mapped geological hazard which are excluded from building insurance in Cyprus for any housing construction. The industry is aware of this, but chooses to market this cheaply bought land nevertheless, and innocent foreign purchasers are being duped into buying property on soil which is totally unsuitable for safe construction. If you simply buy a plot of land, you are in with a chance, because at least you can get it surveyed. When a development is advertised the buyer assumes because houses are being offered for sale the geology must be ok, surely the Planning Dept wouldn't allow it otherwise? WRONG. I would like to create a case list for the CPAG, and offer and share as much information as possible which we have been able to obtain from our connection with the geological survey department. It is not possible to sue the Government...even though they deserve it. The Law MUST be changed to protect the consumer. The more cases, the more evidence, we could influence the situation.

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Now the winter's coming we want to get our gas bottles filled so I was wondering where the best place to go is in Paphos. The cheapest I've found so far for refills is Orphanides supermarket near the firestation where they do refills for 5.70 a bottle. Does anybody know of anywhere cheaper???? Thanks.

started by: Cheer2555 · last update: 1192750982 · posted: 1191273393

Hello all, I need someone to come out and fix our pool. We live in Limassol and the chemicals are so off that we can't seem to get the right balance. The pool is now an awful green color. Please email me with your information and a quote for how much to have you come out and take a look! We have all the chemicals just need someone who knows what they are doing. Thanks, Rebekah

started by: Ped-661905 · last update: 1192750882 · posted: 1191787965

Does anyone know of a reliable handyman in the Limassol area, who can fix electronically operated rolex shutter blinds? Thanks.

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Is anyone able to provide a map or accurate directions from Limassol to the new Ikea store in Nicosia ?

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Hi Does anyone know how you change your swimming pool from Chlorine to Saltwater.  My hubby has developed an allergy to the chlorine.  I have been told you can do this without changing the actual water.  Does anyone have any ideas or can point me in the right direction.  Thank you   Nicola

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Does anyone know where i can purchase some fence spikes. They are just the metal spikes that you can hammer into the ground and then fit fence posts to. Any help would be good thanks. smile-on

started by: miisu · last update: 1191859819 · posted: 1191518594

Brand new fridge only 6 months old for sale. Original price 325 cyp asking 200. Picture available upon request. Locating in Limassol. Contact Anna 99189037

started by: Nigel Howarth · last update: 1191858941 · posted: 1181141640

If you have bought property in Cyprus and have problems or concerns regarding your purchase, the Cyprus Property Action Group wants to hear from you. We are a pressure group dedicated to creating awareness within the industry and Government of the problems buyers may face as a result of buying property in Cyprus and lobbying for change. Don't delay - register your problem today athttp://www.cyprus-property-action-group.net/ The British High Commission is fully supportive of the aims of the group and takes a keen interest in our activities. If you have friends or acqaintances with property problems who do not have access to the Internet, they can write to the group at: CPAG c/o Denis O'Hare P.O. Box 62427 Paphos 8064 Cyprus If you do not (currently) have problems with your property but support our aims we would be very grateful if you would help us by registering your name and contact details on our website. Thanks for your attention & support.Nigel (aka EPHMH)

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Can anyone help me.... Has the price of buying property in Limassol gone up or has the property market slumped since 2005? Any info, please. This will help us for when we move to cyprus.

started by: Demetra-665653 · last update: 1191582661 · posted: 1191532449

How can I get my hands on an undermounted sink? Does anyone know who sells them? Thanks. Demetra

started by: taz9196-665495 · last update: 1191510032 · posted: 1191491209

Hi we're leaving the island end of the month. We have over £12k of beautiful furniture (Kinetic), kitchen goods (M&S) etc in the house, everything bought within the last 18 months and in excellent condition (2/3 bedroom house - we use the attic room as studio/study) Would make great package for someone renting out a flat or house to holidaymakers etc.. As everything is matched. The basic scheme is light coffee/cream and chrome/steel. We're looking for an offer around £2-2.5k. Will email photos and complete list of goods. Living room furniture, patio/garden furniture, beds with linea strom matress, 42" lcd tv & cinema surround dvd, lamps, kitchen goods, crockery & cuttlery, shelving, dyson, curtains, tumbledryer SORRY no fridge/freezer or washing machine

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I have heard that Ikea will be opening a store near Nicosia this year. Does anyone know if this is correct?. Soon I'll have a 3 bed apt. to furnish and love em or hate em Ikea are certainly cost effective.

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I've got some prints which need framing. I live in Peyia. Does anyone know anywhere in the Paphos area who would be able to do this? Thanks, Cath Cath

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Hi can anybody tell me if you can hire Carpet Cleaning Machines in the Larnaca area? Thanks

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