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does anyone know where to find a company who make flyscreens?larnaca area. thanks,kapna

started by: kylilisg@cytanet.com.cy · last update: 1189441901 · posted: 1189441901

Hi there, Has anyone got a good, honest, reliable plumber to pass on to me. Living in the Limassol area. Fed up with mine who is too busy to turn up! agneta

started by: marian123 · last update: 1189264937 · posted: 1189264937

We require an electrician to install sockets in a garden shed for our washing machine/fridge freezer and freezer. Also to install lights in shed. We also require external lights to be fitted - conduits are there. We will also require extra sockets installed in our caravan. We live in the Limassol Distrrict. Please email me on andrewthow@cytanet.com.cy Thanks. marian thow

started by: Flowerpower-660633 · last update: 1189104035 · posted: 1187757988

I need a 'U-bed' which can fold away after use by guests. Please email me if you have one or know where I could get one. I am in Limassol.

started by: kath1810 · last update: 1188809047 · posted: 1188677439

Hi, does anyone know of a good Homebase or B 'n Q in Nicosia. Just moved to Cyprus and I want to buy plants, pots, decking etc etc. Kathryn

started by: marian123 · last update: 1188692273 · posted: 1188684660

Can anyone recommend an upholsterer in Limassol. We ahve a suite we would like recovered. It is in very good condition but the arms have faded a litle with me always cleaning them? marian thow

started by: tammy2633 · last update: 1188252959 · posted: 1187384066

hi could anyone help me i will be moving to Cyprus later this year, and we are hoping to build our own house, i know that it is e-legal to build it yourself so does anyone know how much the local builders charge per square meter so that i will be able to work out how much money we will need. many thanks Tammy moving to cyprus

started by: Graham S-661639 · last update: 1188031430 · posted: 1180726504

Hi all I may have been going round with my eyes closed for the last 12 months or so, but I need to buy some blockboard, and although a lot of the DIY places and builders merchants sell timber, the only sheet materials they ever seem to have are laminate-covered chipboard. Surely somebody in Cyprus sells blockboard & plywood?Graham

started by: daisyanne · last update: 1187971255 · posted: 1185277472

Can anyone tell me where i could buy ceiling fans. I am in paralimni area. went to shop near fire station but out of stock of the ones i liked.thanks a lot.daisyanne

started by: KJ-662815 · last update: 1187944614 · posted: 1187944614

Does anyone know of a good leather upholsterer in Limassol who could recover a leather suite. K

started by: Tom Q · last update: 1187805303 · posted: 1187805303

Hi All, Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced local cleaning company in the Polis area that could be utilised for the regular cleaning etc. of an apartment? Many thanks in advance for your assistance. Kind Regards, TQ

started by: RABBIT-663203 · last update: 1187652268 · posted: 1176060759

Hi could anyone please tell me if their is much demand for plaster cornice/mouldings e.t.c in Cyprus .Also are their any shops/outlets for plaster cornice/cove e.t.c if so where.any help would be great cheers peterabbits

started by: chrisj-664349 · last update: 1187009110 · posted: 1183472700

Can anyone recommend a reliable company to talk to about designing a garden to include a pool installation in the paphos area?? I have bought a new build villa for completion in May 2008 and want to make sure I deal with someone who comes recommended

started by: bluees62 · last update: 1187008822 · posted: 1187008822

The drive on my xbox is stuck, does anyone know of a repair company in Paphos who would be able to look at it? Es

started by: suzig123 · last update: 1186306508 · posted: 1186077651

Does anyone know why some of the grass on my lawn is going brown and dying? whilst the other piece is staying green and lush? I have two lawns and only one is affected. It is watered every evening and even so part of the lawn has gone brown and appears dead, whilst the rest is green and growing. Has it got some sort of disease that needs a special treatment? Does anyone have the same problem or knows of a cure? Suzi

started by: ancienthistory · last update: 1185977812 · posted: 1185314255

According to the Mega news channel tonight, Ikea will be opening its doors to the public in one month's time!!! Shall we all form an orderly queue?!!?

started by: isalice · last update: 1185462072 · posted: 1183190826

hi to all....... can anyone shed some light as to why no one seems to have wallpaper hung in their homes in cyprus?? is it somethiung to do with the weather? the cost? the lack of skilled tradesmen? or just that its easier to just have walls painted? would love to hear responses.. thankyouslc

started by: Sheilaw-664716 · last update: 1185298626 · posted: 1185292422

Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy a TV/video combined in Limassol? If anyone has seen one recently in a shop please, please let me know. Thanks a lot. Sheilaw

started by: maribob · last update: 1185219195 · posted: 1185219195

Does anyone know of an experienced pool service guy? Our pool often goes green (its a communal pool). Our pool guy says that the reason for this is 'cos swimmers are going into the pool without showering off their suntan lotions/oils. We have a shower poolside for that reason. Its difficult to stand guard even though we have signs with rules. We have an external pool motor/filter system (which I was told is the cheaper alternative to the underground kind). Has anyone had any similar experience? What we really want to do is find a new pool guy. Can anyone help us? Please email me. Marie & Bob

started by: jac57 · last update: 1184155230 · posted: 1184155230

We bought a fibreglass pool approx 4 years ago. I dont know if anyone else has had the problem of dark stains appearing on the bottom and steps of thye pool. If so how do you get rid of them? jc

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